Mexican Teen Happiness Day 15

22742_1299065607791_843435_nWhat an interesting life!  So here’s a photo of me as a teenager with this t-shirt and fast forward to now, almost 30 years later, and I’m hanging out these next 3 weeks with Richard’s teenagers, who just flew in from Mexico.

They were all born here in the States, but have pretty much grown up South of the Border, it’s a complex story, but with a lot of effort, on Richard’s part, their finally getting an opportunity to know their dad.

The whole experience has changed us both, in such an incredible way, and I find that I’ve become a more patient step parent, an identity I never thought I’d have.

I created a guide book of activities, events and festivals for everyone, and we’ll see what we actually end up doing.  But today, I’m happy they get a chance to indulge in the richness that is a Northwest summer.

I have to ask parents out there, does your own ‘inner teen’ come out when you are around other teens?  I’m listening to the radio station Hair Nation, 80’s heavy metal and I have a more carefree approach to life, even though I’ve got my clients and work ahead of me over this month.  But then, this is just the first day.  Let’s see what happens, because if I do recall, my own teenage years weren’t always ‘peachy keen’ as we used to say.

But I’ve got a positive attitude about it.  Perhaps more than two weeks of writing about happiness has something to do with it.  Perhaps maturity.  Perhaps a loving partner.  And I’m sure lots of good weather and sunshine help!!!

Eileen Dey 2014


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