21 Days of Happiness: Reflections

21days.fw_Wow, 3 weeks has flown by since I started this self-imposed challenge of 100 days of mindful happiness.  Today’s happiness comes from my partner Richard’s autistic son Walter, sitting on the couch next to my cat Comet.

Walter (age 15) is usually a bundle of energy, talking about Power Rangers, Godzilla or whatever else draws his attention for the moment.  Right now, he’s giving Comet Reiki (whether he knows it or not) and the kitty responds by lounging across his lap.  It’s truly magical to watch.

And since Walter’s arrival, and that of his other teenage siblings, I’ve experience many moments of surprising happiness (in the role of step mom).  There have been other moments of being challenged, for sure, but this blog experiment is one of focusing on the positive.  So that’s what I chose to do with this one.

Walter is finding soothing music on his Ipad to play for Comet.  He responds to gentleness with gentleness.  I hope that everyone gets a chance to see this.  But like moments, not sure how long it will last.

It’s a quiet time now, of soothing transcendence.  Now everyone is back in the house, Richard, and his other children, Joseph (18) and Cassandra (12).  And this aura of peace permeates the house now.

Eileen Dey 2014


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