Happiness through planning Day 25

planSo ennui has broken…through planning.  We finally did something, this time it was taking the West Seattle water taxi over to downtown just in time for a gold panning demonstration at the Klondike museum in Pioneer Square.  Yay!  Whether that was the big thrill for everyone or not, I felt we had accomplished getting 6 people, one of them autistic, through several means of transportation and schedules to their destination.  It was carried out seemingly as if we were just ‘going with the flow’, but in my mind, I was aware of the minutes we had catching this, making that, etc.

Once we were there, I really enjoyed learning about the female pioneers of the Klondike, something I hadn’t contemplated before.  I admire pioneer spirit, part of which brought me from the East coast to Seattle 15 years ago.  I had the brief thought that sure, you could look up the Klondike on the web, get the Wikipedia low down, maybe even watch some videos of the gold panning.  But walking through the historical district, where it all started, seeing original letters and tools, watching a park ranger demonstrate gold panning first hand, it’s in real time.  Well, I’ll certainly retain that memory.

I realize and accept that no one in my household is a strong planner, except me.  And although I do that for my work every day, on my off time, I expect others to step up to the plate.  They don’t, so ennui commences, defaulting to online media.

Ok, so I will embrace implementing daily planning and execution of an event as a strategy for the rest of this trip.  At least we all moved today, and that did make me happy.

Eileen Dey 2014


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