Camping Happiness Day 29

2014-07-27 20.08.35Finally, some downtime with my sweetie and step family.  We headed up to Concrete, WA to stay at the lovely Rasar State Park in shiny new cabin, complete with vaulted ceiling,  bunk beds, shower and dining room!  More like staying in a resort in the woods!  I highly recommend it for families and for a couples getaway.  It’s truly a magical place.

Despite our ‘luxurious’ (as far as camping goes) accommodations, we did cook up meals on the grill and make s’mores over the fire.  The young guys with us all play guitar, so much music and merriment ensued!  Down by the river, I had existential conversations with Todd, my oldest (21) stepson about the future of the world and the role of ritual in a person’s life.  He’s such a mindful young man and I’m grateful he is in my life.

Meanwhile, Richard and his son Walter drew symbols in the sand.  2014-07-27 20.09.37I taught Walter how to draw peace symbols which he’s showing here.

It felt like these kids finally were able to embrace what I’ve been blogging about (and living) these last weeks, the beauty and majesty that is a Northwest summer.  They were having so much fun and asked that they get to come back for a longer stay there next year!

We stayed long into the next day, panning for gold in the river and meandering back through the lush fields into the deep forest that lies just outside North Cascades Park.

2014-07-27 20.41.16This last photo captures the joy I felt seeing all the kids really bond with each other through nature. I have a look on my face that says, ‘yes, this is really happening, finally!!”   It was a moment that was timeless.  So beautiful, I’m beaming and this is a memory and mini-vacation I’ll take with me for a long, long time.

Eileen Dey 2014


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