Joie de vivre happiness day 30

Rainbow womanI found the work I did today, clients and sessions to be filled with much light and effortlessness.  No doubt that much of today was spent basking in the afterglow of the successful and magical camping adventure, but perhaps there’s a bit more there.

I’m reminded that having stuck it out on a gluten/dairy-free diet for almost a year now, my body is relatively pain free.  Even the mosquito bites I got on the camping trip, are easily remedied by some hydrocortizone and will soon fade.

I’m just really happy for being alive, in this body, at this time in my life and for the amazing individuals that make up my world.  The Reiki community always gives me such inspiration, and I was reminded of that in the sweet circle we had tonight, a small group of us, offering healing light and discovering for ourselves a deeper connection to peace and insight.  Reiki practitioners are such cool people.  They really are, they are the most open-minded individuals I’ve ever had the honor of knowing.  I’m grateful for my conviction to pursue Reiki as a career.

I’m happy for the work I do.  It’s a lot of hours, but I don’t track them, the way I did when I worked in other employment.  I see my days more like, what was the quality of this day?  What are my take-away memories of this daily experience?

Today, it’s eating healthy, walking in the sunshine, connecting with people, learning my parent’s and their pet’s health is doing good, sharing Reiki, being welcomed home first by my autistic stepson, with a big wave, and then a loving embrace from my beloved Richard.  My cat Comet even looked content to see me in the way cats can.

So I celebrate joie de vivre!

Eileen Dey 2014


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