The Happiness of Silence

342The kids are gone.   My house has an eerie quiet to it.  My cats are even unsure as to what’s occurred.

The stepchildren have returned to their home of Culiacan, Mexico where they live full-time with their mom, grandma, maid and assortment of relatives that have been assisting and shaping their upbringing.

There is silence and the house is a mess.  But tomorrow, my own ‘Merry Maids’ are coming to do deep cleaning.

For now, I’m in awe of the peace.  I’m teaching Reiki later today, at a yoga studio nearby, but before I go, I’m just giving myself permission to bask in this.

We did it.  Richard and I.  No maid.  No relatives.  No other help in facilitating a summer vacation for 3 teenagers and the occasional drop-in of his eldest son.

A small miracle.  And a slow return to the reality of a child-free life.  Going into this it was a transition, coming out of it, just as much.

They’ll return over Christmas, so many months lie ahead.

Happy in the silence.

Eileen Dey 2014


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