Happiness of Being

20140713210200_IMG_7218-e1405313824398Normalcy has returned in my world, and the sense of being able to ‘be’ is amazing.  It’s like fresh air when you’ve been cooped up, or spring water when you haven’t quenched your thirst.

I am drinking up this place of being and so grateful for how my world still exists after this busy summer.

There is a big difference between giving yourself Reiki when no one is in the house, when it’s quiet and serene contrasted with just trying to find 15 minutes to lay down and tap in while chaos swirls around you,

I’m so happy.  It allows me to expand the happiness even more, having this place to be, taking it further into my work and offerings of Reiki and counseling.

I’m able to be more present, on all levels.  I even gave myself a pedicure!  My toes were singing!

Watering plants, I found I could connect with each entity again, rather than just pouring some water into them to keep them living.

Existing in a state of being is a choice, I know that.  And even when my days were full of kid transport, errands and work, I could get a glimpse of it.

But now that I return to my life where being is a central focus, I’m in a state of absolute bliss.

Eileen Dey 2014


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