Happiness for time off!

timeThe Reiki Retreat is almost here!  Wow, that was a lot of planning, and I’m still running around today getting last minute items and errands done in between appointments.

But the Cascadian Center at Camp Brotherhood is a’calling me.  I just need to plug in there, to the land, to the animals, and to the spirit in which the place was founded, to promote peace and understanding.

Richard is staying home the whole weekend rather than be with a group of Reiki women, which, I don’t blame him.  Hopefully next year we’ll have some more men representing the greater Reiki community.  Richard’s got a lot of work and projects to do, and will probably enjoy the quiet of the West Seattle Reiki sanctuary. 

The retreat has several wonderful meditation facilitators, so my ‘job’ there is really just making sure one event flows into the other.  I’m not teaching.  I get to be as much a participant as everyone else.  Yay!!!!!

So I may just have minimal blog/FB posts for the next few days, maybe some happiness quotes, I’ll take the insights and experiences I’ll have and compose them for next week.

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy!!

Eileen Dey 2014


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