Retreat Success is Happiness!

2014-08-09 13.54.18What a glorious experience of nature, wisdom and community.  Our Reiki Retreat was just that, an opportunity to take time to go within and let insight and healing emerge from within.

We were blessed with an enlightened group of women, who shared meditations, conversation and laughter throughout the weekend.

Jacquie Hansen, shown here, lead us into a soulful heart-centered meditation in the fresh air underneath the sentinel pines.

In between sessions, our art room was open for drawing sacred mandalas and other images in an exploration of inner creativity.  2014-08-09 09.36.33

While we were there, another group, of 40 children, would take their meals in our same dining hall.  These children came from Jerusalem and Palestine and were a meld of Christians, Jews and Muslims coming together to get to know each other despite their differences in belief.  It was a powerful statement to bear witness to, and we had the honor of offering Reiki to several of the facilitators of this organization, who took back to the children yet another form of healing to share with them.2014-08-10 12.02.12

Another spontaneous Reiki session when we had the opportunity to offer it to Father Treacy, the 95 year old Catholic priest founder of this center.  He is such an open-minded soul who went on a deep journey in receiving the treatment.  It was quite profound for him, and for us.

We enjoyed nutritious and healthy meals with each other and got to know the chef, Russell, quite well.  He was incredibly accommodating, often making special deserts or side dishes just for our group.  My favorite meal was this gluten-free Mediterranean vegetable dinner!  2014-08-09 18.16.37

We held drumming circles (thanks Jenn Evans!) and fire circles, spontaneous Reiki sessions and even a give-away raffle!

My favorite event was when we embarked on a full-sensory walking meditation of the grounds, where we took in all the beauty in each breath and each moment.  June Kerseg-Hinson lead us in this exercise.

As we went out into the grounds of the center,  I saw Jacquie, one of our facilitators, walk into the field and open up to the cows lounging in the distance and become one with the moment of the land.  2014-08-09 10.30.16

Looking forward to Reiki Retreat 2015!!!

Eileen Dey


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