The happiness of practice

download44 days of continuous blog posting about happiness. It’s become a practice.  The same way Reiki is, I give myself Reiki every day, and have, since I first learned about it almost twenty years ago.

I’d love to say that’s how it will be with my writing…I did have several years where I kicked out blog after blog that eventually became part of my book, Touching the World Through Reiki.

But I’m not doing this practice of blogging for any kind of ‘product’.  I took on the project because committing to 100 days of happiness seems like it makes me and the world a better place.

Having this intention each day has made my world seem lighter, even if it’s still the same world.  I seek out things that are happier rather than heavier.

That’s not to say I haven’t had moments, brief or elongated of trial, tribulation with darker shades.  Each time I hold space for my clients, as they unfold their stories which have lead them to a point of suffering, we dwell in the space of uncertainty together.

However, with happiness bubbling in my subconscious, I have noticed that within each session, I wait to see if a client can discover their own solution, their own lighter path, I almost anticipate there will be some degree of resolution, even at the end of the session.

Holding that intention often manifests itself.  It’s very powerful mojo.

So I am happy for this practice, and perhaps, this practice is happy for me.

Eileen Dey 2015


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