Moment of Pause Happy

reIt’s sunny, it’s still summer and I’ve got a half hour before my next session.  I get to hang out and breathe and just be for a little bit.  It’s these pauses that I enjoy, that fill my days with as much happiness as all the work that occurs in between.

I close my eyes and my body tells me it’s tired.  I’d love a nap, but that won’t happen until the day is done.  So I honor being tired, but I draw strength from the pause. The only thing filling it right now are these words I’m typing.  And it’s effortless when I am in the zone, to just flow, and write and say hello, through this blog.

I’m enjoying being accountable each day to this blog, writing about what makes me happy or joyous things that occur.  It shifts my focus from the other harder issues I often hold space for in working with my clients.

Another breath.  Rest.  Honoring Pause.

Eileen Dey 2014


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