Helping Happiness

reikihandsThe acting of helping someone is altruistic.  It’s putting your own needs aside to assist that of another.

I do that every day for my profession, but it also flows over into my own partnership and friendships.  I’m there to help when it’s asked of me, or even when it’s not expected.

My beloved Richard was going through a tough time and he found his way into my office and just sat down.  I was busy working on the computer, but I could tell he was out-of-sorts.

So, I went over to him and just laid my Reiki hands on his ankles (which were next to my printers where I was doing work).  He laughed and said, ‘that’s not fair!  you can’t just give Reiki and make the angst go away’.  I laughed too, I hadn’t realized I was ‘doing Reiki’, but he was drawing it, and so, I stopped my admin work and gave him my total presence.

He settled in, he released tension, his mind got clearer.  Yay!  The magic of Reiki, with or without my total mind on it.

And after the impromptu session I feel really happy.  Because it helped.  And for that I’m grateful.

Eileen Dey 2014


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