Happiness for Yin and Yang Spaces

Yin-Yang-Blades-powerfullA Reiki colleague of mine mentioned to me how the practice of Reiki can be ‘boring’.  I had a visceral reaction to that statement.

Not because I’ve dedicated almost 20 years of my life to this healing art, but because he was missing the point.

‘Boring’ is an emotional state of Self.  What’s really going on underneath the state of ‘boring’?  Anxiousness?  Restlessness?  Frustration?  Wanting to to make something happen?

But it is a natural emotion to have in a very yin place such as Reiki practice, and in my colleague’s defense, he tends to run quite yang.

I first met him after he suffered back pain from a bungee jumping experience gone awry.  Bungee jumping by it’s nature is a completely yang, expanding activity.  It’s all bout doing it, going for it, adrenaline rush.

So Reiki, in contrast, is so still, so quiet, and yet so much is happening in that silence.

That solace of yin is the antidote to our experiences of living in such a yang society.

I do find pleasure and meaning in the yang, I need to, in order to balance out all the yin I work with day in and day out.  My go-to bodywork modality I choose to receive tends to be a very direct and deep pressure reflexology.  I need to feel all the areas in my body holding tension and not just on the subtle energy realm.

So there is a place for both, that’s the way the Universe is.  But to label one as boring!  I’m offended!  That’s ego, that’s judgement, and when it comes to yin yang, there is no such thing.  Just balance, harmony, and of course, happiness.

Eileen Dey 2014


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