Happiness of Inner Knowing

knoBeing an only child I’ve had a lot of practice in hanging out with my self, but I’m far from truly knowing all that composes the complexities of one’s self.

I’ve learned a lot about my own psyche, through receiving therapy and by being a reflective writer, thinker and teacher.

Meditation and Reiki practices constantly allow me time to go within and take note of what’s going on within.

I often take up different projects that challenge me, make the introverted side of my self stand a bit more in extroverted awareness.

I’m open to constantly growing and changing, redefining my own abilities and skills.  Taking on this challenge of 100 days of happiness, as I’ve said before, allows me a structure to get back into writing, which I do like.

Perhaps a new writing project is forming from this.  It feels more personal, not in a memoir sort of way (I feel a little young for that!), but in a way of how one sees the world.  What choices we make in viewing the world.

I’ve been accused of being an optimist with an East Coaster’s cynical realism.  I’d like to bring more of that through my writing.

I have so many incredible stories I’ve had the honor of witnessing through my students and clients, and their journeys may need voice to inspire others, or perhaps serve as cautionary tales of seekers on their own path of discovery.

I’m happy for that awareness, that something within is brewing, a tale of some kind.  Like a seed, its barely beginning to sprout, but this blog has become fertile soil for it’s development.

Eileen Dey 214


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