Happiness for Native American Flute

1403031_3500470528219_611844072_oThis Saturday night we’ll be bathing in the lovely flute music of Paul Cheoketen Wagner at the East West Bookshop Soundscape 8/30 7-8:30pm.

Paul “Che oke ten” Wagner is an internationally-performing ambassador of the traditional songs & stories of his Coast Salish tribal ancestors. He enjoys sharing the warmth, humor & wisdom of these beautiful “teachings,” as they are know in the sacred tradition of his people, in an engaging & interactive way, interweaving his Spirit-gifted songs on Native American flute, along with traditional tribal drum songs. An award-winning Native American flutist, his instrumental songs have come to him with visions of healing & prayer for all relations (tree people, animal people, human people).  You can read this and more about him on his beautiful website, http://www.sacredbreath.cc/bio.htm.

He has a busy schedule, so I’m extra happy he’s able to do this performance for us this year.  Hope you can join us!

Eileen Dey 2014



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