Happiness for Reiki III

higher selfIn a few weeks, September 26-27, I get to hold amazing space for the journey of Reiki III to begin.

It’s a workshop for students embarking on the deeper path of Reiki, one in which they become true torchbearer’s of light.  Some will go on to teach others, while some will deepen their understanding of their spiritual selves.

If you’ve taken Reiki 2 at least 3, but preferably, 6 months ago, this is a workshop for you.

Here are the details and registration:

Become attuned to and learn how to work with the Master Symbol and teaches you how to work more with your breath, beliefs, ethics, emotional issues and communication.

Learn how to become a torch bearer of truth on along the Reiki master path.  This class is a pre-requisite for the Reiki Master Rights and Responsibilities course.  Reiki 2 required, 3-6 months prior.

We will engage in various Shamanic, Indigenous and esoteric Buddhist practices throughout the course of the weekend.  6-9pm Friday, 10am-5pm Saturday.

Vegetarian lunch, class packet and all ritual supplies included.  $500 Registration


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