Happiness for Home

Wurst family003This is me at age 5 going on 6.  I think I still have the same haircut.  I’m reminded of the happiness of having grown up in a home.  A  home that still exists, even if it’s not the same physical home, but the people who make it up, my mom and dad, are still living and thriving.

I appreciate them, and they know that.  We’ve come a long way in strengthening, honoring and accepting our relationships with each other and I’m grateful for that.

The little girl in this photo just accepted all that as reality.  It was a happy time, I’m probably in first grade, the bicentenial of this country is soon to happen, and I’m unaware that Vietnam just ended a few months before.  There were many things in the world going on, but being 5, pretty much unaware, and just happy that I went to school, came home to the same house, had food to eat, and a family that loved me.

When I think about it, this photo was even before the movie that shaped so much of my childhood came out, that being Star Wars.  Before I learned about the Force (the precursor to my Reiki studies!), and way long before any heartache that comes from growing up and seeing the larger world for what it is.

When I look at her, she says to me, ‘be happy!’ and would probably find it silly I’m doing a 100 day of happiness blog quest.  She’d say, ‘let me show you my toys’, because she had many to play with and a home where she could be a kid.

My adult self would encourage her, being an only child, to make a lot of friends, that it’s ok to be shy sometimes, but that because she doesn’t have siblings, she might get lonely, and making friends can help with that.

I’d also tell her, that some day, she will have traveled the world many times, and have met many interesting people through her work in which she helps heal.

My 5 year old might have said in answer, ‘that’s neat, but can we play first?’.

Sure, let’s play, let’s keep on playing, and let’s be thankful we had a happy home to do so in.

Eileen Dey Wurst 2014



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