Happiness for the Solace of the Sound

2014-09-09 18.44.54When I have a freak-out moment and in proximity of the Sound, I make my way, as if to go to the altar of Nature to be awash in beauty and inspiration.  The freak-out soon fades and the harmony returns.

This has been part of my ritual in living in the Northwest all these years:  seeking solace in the Sound.  And in exchange for the great gift of harmony, I always offer a blessing or gratitude prayer back to that vast body of water.  Thank you for being there when I needed you.

I take in her splendor at other times, of course, when I’m not dealing with a bout of anxiety or contemplating the next steps of my path.  I simply go and surround myself with that wide open space over her waves.  Clear days, cloudy days, rainy days and stormy ones.  The Sound remains.

That perseverance and timelessness that is Nature, infuses into my blood, and clarifies my mind.  I’m in awe that I live in a place where access to such energy is literally just a 10 minute drive from my doorstep.

So thank you oh holy Sound!  For the gift of receiving solace, support and the expansive abundance that is your true Nature!

Eileen Dey 2014

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