For less depression avoid politics

photo  I know tonight is the final presidential debate.  I would seriously advise avoiding watching the telecast or engaging in social media to keep your own emotional state in balance.

As a counselor, I have witnessed seasonal depression as the seasons change.  However, this year, it is magnified by the divisive politics our country is engaged in.

There are many other ways of learning about what has been going on politically, and I encourage reading rather than watching.

Watching TV broadcast of the debates or worse, edited versions blasted on social media goes directly into your subconscious.  The written word allows us to take time to digest.  Images are like an instant injection of both hatred and fear.

If you are already struggling with depression, or difficulties in life, please be mindful of your media consumption.

This is an extreme act of self-care, disconnecting from any direct and easy link to news.


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