Approaching Zenith part 1


This is the first part of a short story inspired by a dream I had just last night.  It starts out in present day Seattle.

I had a lot of bags I was carrying, and was having difficulty with managing them as I was walking down the street in the International District of Seattle.  As I was walking a storm was approaching and a tremendous downpour occurred.  I went into an Indian restaurant for shelter.  It was very festive and people were welcoming.  The ambient lights were pink, green and gold.  Many people were dressed in traditional garments, saari  and tunics.  The curry and saffron aromas were pungent.  There was sitar music playing in the background.

A young Indian girl, in a long spring green dress, about 4 years old, came over to me and was quite cute and let me hold her (she stood on top of me), her mother was there and looking over, approvingly.

The girl asked me, ‘Do you want to sleep?’.  I said ‘Yes, I am quite tired.’

And 3 years later I woke up.  The girl was now about 7 years old, still standing over me, now in a royal blue dress and said to me on waking , ‘Well, that took awhile’.

I hadn’t noticed it before, but now she only had one eye, and it was very dark and piercing.  The other eye was seen shut.  I realized she was more of a brahmin, a priest, than a young girl.  She had put a spell or charm on me.

The Indian restaurant was the same, it was festive with the same low lighting, sounds and smells.  But there were some new people there dressed in more  modern tight clothing.  Men and women looked ‘blended’ to me.  It seemed transgender had apparently become the norm.  There were men who had anatomically become women and vice versa.

Patrons were dining and going about their business.  The fact that I had just woken up after 3 years didn’t seem to be a big deal to anyone.

I asked the girl if I had been in the restaurant the whole time, she nodded yes.

Then I had the panicky thought that my friends and family didn’t know where I was or what had happened to me.

I got up, and felt quite dizzy, and also noticed my contacts were still in my eyes!  I took them out and the girl gave me drops to clear them.  When I put them back in, I could see clearer.

As I walked toward the exit to the restaurant, I was filled with dread.

I opened the door and saw that the street I was on was now lined with tall apartment and office buildings.

The Indian restaurant seemed to be the only such establishment left on a block of seemingly gray and dark brown buildings.

A bus floated above the street a few inches, quietly passing by.  On it’s side it read ‘Take the next shuttle to Mars’.

The little girl came up beside me and said, ‘Let me show you the way’.

To be continued….

Copyright Eileen Dey 2017


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