Welcoming Beings of Light

lightExpanding consciousness is so much fun!  Every 4th Wednesday for the last year and a half we’ve been diving into the ancestral realm before beginning to practice Reiki.

The ‘results’ of this exploration have yielded much healing and insight for myself and circle participants.

Over the last few months I’ve been ‘giving myself permission’ as I often say, to open to other realms besides familial ancestors, such as those within nature and kindred lineage bearers of Reiki

Last night at our Reiki circle, I was getting the ‘direction’ to go up and outward and composed a meditation where we welcomed inter-dimensional beings of light into our sacred healing space right in the middle of industrial Georgetown, south of Seattle.

The point of doing any kind of expanded consciousness meditation is to permit yourself to flow into it regardless of where you are in time and space, because the ‘place’ you go to in your body and mind is beyond where you ‘exist’ temporarily.

I’ve personally experienced many sessions and meditations in exploring the celestial realms, but have rarely facilitated groups there.   I find I have even more room for the unexplored, and it feels to me that there is a new direction (no pun intended) for where my group work may now be evolving.

Just as ancient civilizations have known of the connection and  integration of celestial and terrerstrial realms, I will be mindful and observant of the synchronicities that occur to illuminate this path.

Copyright 2019 Eileen Dey Wurst

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