Somatic Reiki: The Notochord

The central energic channel, or sushumna in the yogic/Ayurvedic tradition, is what a Reiki practitioner utilizes when working with healing Reiki energy.

In our earliest development as embryos, we have the forerunner of this channel. It is called the notochord.

The notochord is an embryonic structure that serves as a central column by which other cells begin to attach and extend out from. It is our first embodied experience of having a ‘center’. It is the place from which the rest of our form grows. As our embryonic development continues, the notochord is eventually absorbed into the discs of the spine.

Take a moment and imagine the sacred evolution of this channel.

The essence of this early structure is still there, waiting for us to find our way back to it. In the learning of Reiki, a practitioner begins to work with the idea of being a ‘channel’ for healing energy. As they progress in their studies, they will reconnect with the energetic alignment of the inner echo of the notochord. As they do, this alignment permits a reclamation of being embodied, united in body and mind with access to the infinite pool of Universal consciousness.

Therein resides wisdom, guidance, and insight. It is a place of knowing and a place of being one with body and mind.

Through the engagement with this central channel, this reconnection permits the dissolution of dualism and the all-encompassing experience of unity.

Because this channel has its origins in the physical matter of the body, it is considered somatic (soma=body). Hence, “Somatic Reiki”.

This is part 1 of several posts in the development of Somatic Reiki as I continue my Integral and Transpersonal studies through CIIS.

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