Independence Happiness Day 4

indexI’m happy to have been born in this country.  I give thanks to my grandparents and great grandparents for making the decision to emigrate from Europe and embark on their journey here.  No place is ‘perfect’, but the US allows for so many rights that are not available in other places.  As a woman I appreciate this.  As a world traveler, I appreciate this.  As a practitioner of healing arts, I appreciate this.  As a spiritual human, I appreciate this.

Happy birthday USA!

I’ve been reading a book on the WWII battle in Stalingrad, in contrast to this celebratory day.  Russia and Germany, at that time in history, caused so much death and destruction to perpetuate their leader’s beliefs.

For the last 44 years of my life as an American, no president has ever ordered me to defend my city or fight to the death, as Stalin did to the citizens of Stalingrad, men, women and children.

I have great respect for the US military who has volunteered  their lives for our freedom.  That is sacrifice.  I offer blessings to those who have served and those who still do.

To them, and to the founders of this country, thank you for allowing me, my family and my friends to have the freedoms we do.

Eileen Dey 2014

Celebrating Independence!

A little 4th of July retrospective!


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