Be the Change You Want to See: A 5 Week Series of Personal Transformation

visionIn this 5 week series, you will transform limiting and fearful thought patterns and come up with tangible strategies to create and implement your own paradigm for the life you want to be living. Through the confidential and safe space and support of the group and the practice of self-empowering tools, gain the courage and insight to become the change you want to see.

You are surviving a pandemic and processing monumental societal change. The world around you is transforming. What is being birthed within you?

Join Eileen Dey Wurst, M.A, LMHC licensed mental health counselor, author, advocate and Reiki teacher/founder of the only state certified vocational school of Reiki, http://www.reikitrainingprogram for an inner journey to strengthen and focus your personal vision.

In each session, participants will share their discoveries and their challenges with that week’s focus. The series will be conducted on Zoom and includes weekly guided meditations, recordings, homework and reading assignments.

Week 1: Getting to Acceptance: Trust and Revealing Truth
Week 2: Discovering the Past: Habitual Patterns, Shadow and Limitations
Week 3: Deep Level Healing: Evolving to the Present Moment
Week 4: Reconstruction: Building a Foundation for the Future
Week 5: Integration: Strategies to Implement and Maintain the Vision

Course limited to 8 participants. $250. Online 9/9/2020-10/7/2020 via Zoom
Your time is now. If you wait to long, you may miss the moment that you have been waiting for all of your life. Your world is counting on you.

Changing habitual patterns may be an intense emotional experience and
it is recommended that each participant have ongoing community, counseling and/or coaching support outside this group. Referrals and additional resources available upon request.

Past participants say:

“Thanks Eileen for the fantastic resources and It’s like our own personal workbook!  
I really enjoyed meeting everyone and the session today.  It’s wonderful to feel safe and supported in a group… thank you all.”-E.M.
“Always felt safe in disclosing.  Great homework and notes given”-J.G.
I’m still ABSORBING!  The group Zoom Coaching was really interesting. Now it’s on me to make it make a difference.”-E.S.

Cultivating the Reiki career part 2

Cycles of the Seasons as a Guide to Your Creative Career Process

A helpful model is to use the four seasons to see where you fit in. This organic cycle occurs both inside and outside of us and is not separate or apart from our concerns. I have found that, although it might be spring or summer in the environment, people contemplating a career change or modification tend to be in either the fall or winter stage of their own change cycle.

In the Fall stage, they often feel scared, angry, victimized, and cynical about their career future. Fall is a place of being in the doldrums. They may be unwilling or unable to change from a job or career identity and move ahead. Eventually, just as the trees shed their leaves, a person in fall will have to let go—of a job (whether in getting laid off, being fired, or independently choosing to leave) and all that entails.  Fall is a time when individuals often need to create an exit plan, and some may find attending support groups or therapy aid their process.

As in nature, fall naturally gives way to winter.

Winter behavior is often characterized by introversion, depression, and being in limbo. Some have called this a “cocooning” stage. Nothing seems to be going on externally, but much work is occurring internally. Winter encourages you to spend time alone in reflection and begin to take a look at what you have done and what you haven’t done. Winters can last a long time, and consider that, in nature, there are areas of the world where winters are the dominant landscape.

What I encourage my clients to do while they are in this stage is to tap into the other aspects of what winter has to offer: quiet excitement, the possibility of a new beginning, listening to their inner voice, and the courage just to be. This may be a time in which you pursue contemplative work, like art or writing, meditating, Insight Reiki, or praying. Being in one’s winter is not the time to go for the dream job. It is a time to utilize the resources at your disposal, whether they be healthcare benefits, support groups, or a part-time transition job. Reading inspirational books, such as Callings by Greg Levoy or Creating the Work You Love by Rick Jarow, may help, and going for additional individual counseling can provide insight into your process.

Eventually, even the most frozen wasteland receives a bit of sun, and the first glimpses of spring will appear.

I refer to Spring as the “getting ready” phase. People entering spring might create a résumé of their past work to help them see their marketable skills and experiences. They may need to begin taking classes to update outmoded skills. Conducting informational interviews with individuals in fields that are interesting to them will help bring greater clarity to their career goals. Finally, I feel an important part of the spring energy is to work with the creative force, whether it is painting, dancing, singing, or writing to act as kindling for the fire that can take them into the next stage of summer.

When you are in a Summer part of your life or career, you are active, extroverted, growing, “going for it,” and filled with energy. Our culture views this stage as the norm of behavior and the other three seasons as aberrations. But like the climate in the Northwest, where I live, summer often comes in fits and starts and may last only a short while.

The important thing to remember is that in all phases of the career/life cycle, growth is occurring. Fall and winter are internal periods of growth, spring and summer are external manifestations. With that realization, my hope is that individuals going through career transition will realize that there is no good or bad to their experience.

Each phase in the seasonal cycle has certain lessons to teach us. When we acknowledge these lessons instead of hurrying through them, we are honoring the natural process that is occurring within ourselves. We are cultivating the creative career, which is the process that is occurring as we recognize the missing pieces of our lives and begin to put them together to create our own unique life puzzle.

For more on cultivating the Reiki career, you can take the online course here or get more inspiration through Touching the World Through Reiki.

Cultivating the Reiki Career part 1

Whether you make Reiki your full- or part-time vocation, you are creating a career that is distinctly different from the forty-hour work week of a traditional employer. If you go full-time, you will be self-employed because no structures exist (yet) where you can get a paying job as a Reiki master or practitioner. If you work part-time in doing Reiki, you may have a “normal” job in another area, but you still will be involved in some level of self-employment.

By pursuing a creative career in Reiki, you will do work that invigorates you, recharges you, and makes you want to get up in the morning and “go to work.” You will make the world a better place because you do work you love. I feel, in the practice of Reiki, that there is no right or wrong way to create that career, as long as it sustains you and allows you to do this work in the world.

Life is a short, wonderful existence—or can be. Unfortunately, as a career counselor, I’ve met many people who are unhappy in their occupations. Their struggle impacts their family and friends, and by default, the communities around them.

Think of the worker who is stressed out during the day, influencing his co-workers around him. Then, after work, he goes into a supermarket to buy groceries and, because he is still stressed from the job, takes out his angst on the staff in the store and people around him. As he grumbles in his car on the way home, perhaps he is making bad driving choices. The stress of that job has now affected many dozens of people, who, in effect, may have passed on that angst to dozens more.

Reiki as a full- or part-time vocation can offer the world a bit of sanctuary for both the practitioner and recipient, rippling out waves of peace to many others in proximity.

But before you make that jump into Reiki employment and go and get that business license, some level of self-assessment is in order. All the students who complete the Reiki Training Program must attend a business class to create their own plan of action.

Tomorrow’s blog explores the cycle of seasons in relation to tapping into the energy you need for self-employment or starting any alternative career.

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