Happiness for having life post-9/11

fountainsflowersToday we remember 13 years ago the incredible tragedy of 9/11.  I found this photo of the memorial that overtook Seattle Center in the days that followed.  It was one of the most powerful healing events for our community I have ever been part of.  There was a tangible connectedness of people to support our collective grief.  We came together to honor the victims and to make a statement that we, like so many other cities and towns across the US that we would never forget this day.

Each year, I’ve had my own way creating a memorial, and offering prayers and light to the deceased and to the world effected by that day.

The work I have done with veterans, in teaching them Reiki, was created by that tragedy.  I knew that soldiers would come back from the war we were engaging in with many issues, and that Reiki could help provide a way to help heal and help reconnect a fractured soul.

I’m happy to be alive on this 13th anniversary, I’m happy to be able to provide healing to many people through my work.  Because we are 3000 miles away from NYC, most people I work with haven’t been directly effected by 9/11, but the magnitude of it, does often trigger grief responses, of lost loved ones, lost lives, lost plans.

Giving space for the grief allows it to heal through time.  And focusing on life, and the celebration of it provides balm to the wounds effected by tragedy.

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