5 Things Your Therapist Won’t Tell you

Whether or not you’re part of the 25% of adults who’ve seen a therapist, these insider secrets will give you a dose of mental medicine.

1. Don’t take it personally if you see me outside the office and I ignore you.

If I’m with someone, introducing you as my patient would violate patient confidentiality.

2. It never hurts to ask for a lower fee.

Some of us will say yes.

3. Anyone can call him- or herself a psychotherapist or a therapist.

You want a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a clinical social worker, or a marriage, family, and child counselor. You have to be licensed to use those titles.

4. Please don’t ask things like “Don’t you agree?”

If you’re looking for approval, you’re not going to get it. A good counselor is not there to say yes to everything.

5. The people who pay for their therapy themselves seem to get better faster.

The patients who rely on insurance are typically not as motivated.

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Getting ready for the road

In a few days, we say good-bye to L.A. and begin our sojourn north back to the Reiki sanctuary in Seattle.  Right now, everything in my apartment looks completely intact, with cats dozing and coffee brewing.  But soon, the movement of ‘stuff’ will begin to stir up the energy here.

Going on the road is always exciting for me.  I’m a travel junkie, actually, part of my desire to come down to L.A., even if it’s not completely my kind of town.  It’s another opportunity to see the world, see how people live and what’s important to them day-to-day.

I told my friends before I left that some people go on grand journeys to India or trek through Nepal to find insight.  I can honestly say it’s possible to get perspective right in the middle of a metropolis like Los Angeles.  Not for the faint of heart, however.

You don’t have the luxury of a quiet mountain retreat in which to meditate.  Instead, your meditations and reflections are embracing the noise, chaos and materialism that is all around you.  Kind of like doing a fire walk.

In getting things ready for the road, I can’t say I’m sad to leave, because I know I’ll be back, having established connections here for the satellite of the Reiki Training Program.

I know when I return to Seattle, much will have shifted, and that will take time to adjust to.  Many Reiki Fellowship colleagues, Melanie Carey, Kelly Glab, Dena Marie, Jen Yost and Tom Brophy took over teaching and logistical details in my absence and all stepped up to the plate in their efforts.  I’m very grateful for their contributions.

On the road, a different kind of journey takes place.  This one seems to develop with each passing mile.  Often, it involves enlightening conversation with my life partner, Richard, as we see something that triggers a dive into a talk we’ve yet to have.  Other times, just gazing out at rolling fields, deserts, mountains, the space around me offers wisdom from the depths of nature.  And occasionally, the constant meowing of my cats in the back seat, remind me of the very present reality and their own discomfort of being enclosed in carriers for six hours at a time.

Ah yes, all the facets of travel.  I’ll be posting more insights to FB and Twitter than this blog, as my ‘feature phone’ allows….can’t wait for the discoveries ahead.

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10 Signs you are having a New Age Christmas

  1. The angels on your Christmas tree start giving you advice.
  2. You open all your Christmas gifts and realize you aren’t attached to any of them.
  3. When you wear your Santa hat you actually start to channel him.
  4. You wake up thinking you are ‘seeing the light’ and then realize it’s just your neighbor’s holiday light display.
  5. You send distance Reiki and hear Christmas carols play back as a soundtrack.
  6. You can read the future in the swirls of nutmeg in your cup of eggnog.
  7. Your Reiki hands heat up as each person tells you ‘Merry Christmas’.
  8. Your friends tell you your aura looks brighter than usual and you realize it’s leftover tinsel in your hair.
  9. You see everyone’s root chakra glowing red and heart chakra glowing green and you realize the true meaning behind Christmas.
  10. You realize just for a day there might be ‘Peace on Earth’ because there are signs everywhere that say it.

Feel free to pass along and share, these came to me during my morning meditation!!!  in light, Eileen

Creating the next chapter

Today begins the next chapter in the evolution of the Reiki Training Program.  Continued to be run by competent instructors and practitioners who have taken the master journey, I now manage the classes and offerings from afar.

At the same time, the unfoldment of my Reiki work awaits me in Southern California as I spend the winter there, taking a break from the season of rain and darkness that overtake the Puget Sound.

So, I’ll be in the light, doing the light.  I’ll have an opportunity to get back into a fitness routine that went by the wayside these last few months in preparing for this journey.

As I finish the last of the packing and preparations, my connection to Seattle and what will manifest through this exercise in distant Reiki is foremost on my mind.

I make room for the next generation of Reiki masters to embrace their leadership potential.  I lay the ground for new projects to unfold.

The Insight Reiki book that has stemmed from my work of the past decade now has room to be birthed.  As does a more personal writing project that keeps nudging me to explore.

So the unknown details of whats to become lay before me like the road that will take my family southward today.

My friends and colleagues who will be residing at the Sanctuary will continue to infuse it with love and light.

My vision for the next chapter is an exercise in effortless transition.  I yield to the flow of what will be and embrace the change willingly.  So mote it be x3!

Royal Wedding Impermanent & Superman Non-citizen

How more polarized can the world get having a royal wedding watched by over a billion people at the same time as the Southern US having to deal with the death and destruction of tornadoes?

The continuing crises of Japan, Libya, and other aspects of the middle East are contrasted with the comic hero superman giving up his US citizenship to become a citizen of the world.

Let me catch my breath.

Maybe I read the news too frequently, but seemingly many contrasting stories are headlined side by side.  This type of news doesn’t exactly encourage balance.  It actually makes me feel queasy.

But in my work with Insight Reiki, a technique that combines guided meditation, reflection and acknowledgement of symptoms, you give space for each polarized issue that happens to you or the world.  Once each side has been acknowledged, you merge each side and basically turn black and white into gray…or insight.

So, this is what I realized when I did the technique on the wedding vs. tornado destruction in the South:

The veneer of the royal pomp and circumstance can just as easily be transformed in an instant, nothing lasts forever, even the royal monarchy.  I came to a reaffirmation of the impermanence of all things.  However, I wouldn’t go telling this to Kate.

When I did the technique on Libya/Middle East vs. superman giving up his US citizenship I got this:

Maybe the Middle East actually could use a universal representative to assist with all the differences.  Nationalism and dictatorships can promote rebellion.  Maybe superman has the right idea.  Not sure how the Muslim Brotherhood would feel about that.

Finding balance with polarities, in our worlds and in ourselves, can help to reduce the stress often felt in things that are seemingly opposite.  Insight Reiki is one way.  Turning off the news, perhaps another.

3 cups of tea inaccurate

Taken from the BBC news story:

The best-selling book Three Cups of Tea, which follows the author Greg Mortenson’s mission to build schools across Central Asia, is filled with inaccuracies, a US news programme says.

The CBS 60 Minutes report alleges that his charitable foundation took credit for building schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan which do not exist.

The documentary also says Mr Mortenson uses the charitable group as a “private ATM machine.”

Mr Mortenson denies the allegations.

I’ve been a supporter of Mortenson’s efforts since the book came out so will need to do some investigations and inquiries myself.  I can only imagine the media is hyping this up, because Greg’s organization has a newsletter that goes out describing all of their outreach efforts, continued way beyond the publication of the book.

Giving Reiki in an emergency

Last night I received a call from a client who had just had surgery on his foot.  It was quite complex and he would have to learn to walk again.  I was truly humbled to answer the call.

I have given Reiki sessions in hospital settings before, usually the nursing staff is quite open to me coming and doing my work.  I bring a CD player, set the intention for healing and begin.

In this client’s case, he had much to discuss, about all the events leading up to the surgery, what that meant for him now within his career and relationship and the changes he wanted to make to both.

The energy just flowwwwwed.  I’ve felt this before in emergency situations, hence, my desire to pursue training as a disaster mental health associate for Red Cross.  There is something about being in a critical situation in which Universal Energy is ever-present.  It’s very awe-inspiring.

Last night was no different.  I can’t say I’ve gotten ‘used’ to maneuvering around IV lines and bed cords, but I’ve definitely gotten more adept in a hospital setting.  I know what to expect.

I was surprised when no health care worker came in to take blood, do a diagnostic, etc.  But my client had requested an hour to himself.  So we had a luxury I don’t often experience on hospital visits.

An hour of uninterrupted Reiki to work on the areas that needed the most healing.  And I left my client with different techniques to continue channeling Reiki himself to facilitate his recovery.

As I left, he thanked me immensely and the hospital staff seemed curious as to this Reiki practitioner.  I always dress professionally and wear a name badge when entering a health care facility to designate who I am and what my intentions are.

I left several cards with the nurses.

I know there are a number of hospital facilities offering Reiki to critical patients, but I’d like to see the day when Reiki becomes an accepted part of rehabilitative care.  It will happen.

Stick to one path until you’ve attained mastery

From my own experience, I can say that sticking to one path, instead of going down many different ones, has allowed a depth of knowledge and wisdom to emerge. I discovered for myself that a repetitive practice on the spiritual path builds a solid foundation. Whether yoga, meditation, martial arts, journaling, etc., the continuity serves as an anchor and facilitates the discernment because you become rooted in the integrity of the practice. When new paths appear, you have a base to which to return to for contemplation and clarity.

One cultivates discernment through the practice of Reiki. You come to realize in Level 1 that your presence alone is a gift and that you have the ability to channel Universal Energy, regardless of your past experience, background, or belief system. You can travel the world from your armchair by sending Reiki in Level 2. You can begin to see the great light of Reiki in yourself in Level 3 and how it serves as a reflecting mirror for others in your life. You begin walking the master path and realize that there is no ending point to it: you are now more responsible for your words and actions and in training others.

Discernment is an ongoing process, and it is a mechanism that allows us to look at the outside world for guidance while going inward for confirmation. The more we are aware of who we are as human beings and Reiki practitioners, the more successful we are in our practice in reaching out to the world.

Taken from Touching the World Through Reiki.

Are you satisfied?

All the years of education, training, relationships, moves, projects, publications, fame, recognition.  Is that enough?

Are you able to savor the experience or hastily gulp it down, waiting for the next sip to appear?

Can you appreciate that which makes up the moment?  Does that bore you or is it too mundane?

Where lies the excitement within you and have you given it enough room to expand?

Will you?  What holds you back now?

What happens if you imagine your full potential right here and right now?

Would it be bright like the sun?  Or does it have another texture, like the ocean? How much of that are you truthfully living in right now?

What needs to change?  What needs to release?

If you give your imagination permission to this dream, notice where the resistance is.  What the arguments are.  Acknowledge them but do not dwell.  Your potential lies in the soul you were born with.  Its always been there.  Parts of it have become expressed already.  Some pieces will always and forever lay dormant because a human life span is only so long.  Unexpressed potential is neither bad nor good.  It doesn’t make you less of a person if that last ounce isn’t expressed.  Relax and breathe into the being you are right now.  Its enough.

Planning for the future is like trying to build a house in the ocean.  It will never last.  You can’t even plan the breath you are breathing right now.  This is your soul’s decision to take.  The idea of having control over one’s destiny is just that-an idea.  Yes, there are certain steps and processes we can take to help guide us along on a particular path, but what the path ends up looking like, that is beyond our domain.  Some of it is fate, coincidence or serendipity if you prefer.  Some is karma from the past.  The other forces that shape your path are influenced from greater levels all around-people and places you exist in.  So surrender this need for control.  For having a plan.  Have a life instead.  A full one.  Where you totally fill out the details.

Reiki for Inner Peace

In our forever changing world full of unpredictability, one method of remaining calm stands above the rest:  Reiki.

It’s an easy and yet very profound technique of hands-on-healing that soothes the nervous system and brings about an inner state of peace.

Worries, concerns, and fears begin to melt away in the nurturing support of Universal Energy, which is what Reiki means.

Developed in Japan at the turn of the last century, it is an age-old practice of using the self as a channel for higher frequency vibration.

As that vibration flows, one’s mind and body return to balance.

Reiki is similar to meditation, only the focus is not on a mantra or even the breath.  It’s about letting the ego step aside.

I’ve often said that ‘Ego’ stands for “Edging God (or whatever you consider greater than you) Out”.  When we are full of ego, there is not room for that which is greater.

When we make room for that flow, the possibilities for healing are endless.

The word ‘heal’ comes from the same Latin root “whole”.  Our healing process is a returning to becoming whole.

That which doesn’t serve you will fall away.  So anxieties and fears are often the first to ‘go’.

Reiki also works on the physical level as well, and aches and pains are often lessened.

There is literally more room in the body and mind because it is being infused with this higher vibration.  Some practitioners call it ‘light’, because after receiving a treatment, one often feels much lighter and relaxed.

Inner peace is possible.  Reiki is a way to get there.  Keep learning and practicing and work with a teacher who is available to answer your questions as you progress on the Reiki path.

Reiki is not a religion but more of a lifestyle choice.  It’s about self-impowerment and having the ability to access healing potential and relaxation wherever you go, whatever the circumstance.

The practice asks you to give yourself permission to receive.  To take time out so that you can be restored.

I’ve been working with Reiki for over 15 years and established the only state licensed vocational school of Reiki in WA state.  I am a licensed mental health counselor and have taken Reiki into many mainstream settings.  For more information, visit http://www.reikitrainingprogram.com and www.reikifellowship.com.

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