1 Minute Mind Cleanse

Losing Brain FunctionI invite you to take this time to go deep within.  Take a breath.  Honor this moment and this pause.  The world at large going on around you is still going on, regardless of how you feel about it.

I stumbled across a beautiful project that is a collection of positive words from around the world.  Take a look at some of these concepts.  They offer fresh perspective.

This is what you can control: what occupies your thoughts.  What is feeding your thoughts?  External stimuli?  How does it effect you in this moment.  Come back to that pause.

This is not a way of backing out of the reality that is our new world, our new America.  But it is to say, where are we focusing our energy on.  What are we getting obsessed about?  I write and post this on social media with the hope that you will read it and it can offer an opportunity for your own mind to take a break from all the other news articles, posts, rants and feelings that are swirling around you.

If you keep projecting out into the future you are technically ‘future tripping’.  It’s a very slippery slope.  You project your hopes, dreams fears out into the future and you start to make it so.  Thoughts are things.  With enough focus, you can eve create your own future with your thoughts.

So it’s very important at this time to have more purity of thought.  Meditation is one way to achieve this, as is self-Reiki.  Feeding the mind with other words, phrase, images.  It requires the act of unplugging from the main currents of information.

Words have vibration.  My hope is to create words that promote loving-kindness and offer a safe harbor from the other words, phrases and thought forms being generated at this time.

Special thanks to Dr. Loma’s project of postivie lexicography.

Photo credit  Copyright 2017 Eileen Dey Wurst


What do you want to see?

Protests across the world.  People demanding justice.  Communities coming together in support.  But, I ask, what do you want to see?

Really, what do you want to manifest as your vision for the world?  I’m not sure having hundreds of thousands of people in unrest is the ideal, but I understand they need to make their voices known.

My vision of the world, of the future, is that the cries that are issued are heard, attended to. I know from watching the world go by for several decades that not everyone’s agenda will get answered, but maybe it’s time to really focus on what is we want.  And get really, really clear about it.

I’ve read statements from Occupy Wall St. and Seattle protestors and some are very, very general.  “Disband corporate greed”.  But what does that mean?  Do away with the whole corporate infrastructure?  And then what?  All the tweets, Facebook announcements and emails we send out will basically vanish if that truly was the ideal.

What about working in cooperation with corporations?  Seems a challenge, but I’ve witnessed such things in my life through organizations making an attempt to give back to their communities, make their industries greener, to stop policies and procedures that are harmful, etc.

The protests I see are detracting from all the good that is actually being done.  When you just focus on the negative, well, in a way, you are helping to manifest it.  Create the dis-order you want.

But how about focusing on the positive?  Bringing more of that to light?  Bringing what you want to see that is being done to more and more places?

Just having hate and animosity for the world doesn’t move things along.  It tends to make emotions stew and cook into something inedible.

So I encourage those that want to make changes, that have a voice to share, to emphasize the positive.  And give that energy.  Afterall, we are the creators of our domain.  What do we want to see?

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