Reiki RejuveNATION 2016


There are so many amazing Reiki teachers and practitioners coming together for this first annual event starting this coming weekend!  Hope you can join us!  www.reikifellowship.comReikiNation

Didjeridoo Reiki Soundscape Happiness tonight!

didjeridoo-dreamtimeTonight at Embrace the Moon, 1716 NW Market Street from 7-9pm Carol Canterbury and the percussionists that make up the Reiki Fellowship!

Let’s get the groove on and celebrate summer tribal style!

Hope you can all join us.  No prior experience of Reiki required.  I have tons of happiness (day 18) for the Soundscape, which is a monthly event always filled with light and new sounds!


Eileen Dey 2014

Countdown to NW Reiki Renewal Retreat 8/8-10

RetreatCan’t wait for the Reiki to shine all across the Mount Vernon/Darrington Vallley next month!  We’ll be having an incredible time tuning in to the land, flower and fauna that call this place home.

I hope you can join us in celebration and community.  Details are listed below.  For images on the retreat, visit our site

Replenish yourself with a relaxing weekend on this 220 acre woodland petting farm and sanctuary.  Retreat includes inspiring talks, walks, guided meditations, fire ceremonies and of course, Reiki healing circles!

All meals, snacks and comfortable shared lodging included.  Open to those new to Reiki & practitioners and teachers of all lineages.

$280 for the whole weekend.  Register early!
Friday 8/8 Check-in 5:00pm
Sunday 8/10 Check-out 11:00am

Camp Brotherhood was founded by Rabbi Levine and Father Treacy (who hosted the interfaith TV show, “Challenge” on KOMO for over 14 years).   This is a place of peace and harmony with guiding principles of universal compassion and unconditional love.  Located in Mount Vernon, WA.  Directions and information on retreat provided upon registration.

What is a Reiki Soundscape? Find out 5/17

peaceWhat is the Soundscape?  It’s a gathering of Reiki practitioners giving and receiving sessions while live, acoustic music is played accompanied by participants chanting, adding the sounds of bells, singing bowls and didgeridoo.  Here is a video from a past scape.

More than twelve years ago, the then-beginning Reiki Training Program held it’s first Soundscape in a 750 square foot cottage in the heart of the University District in Seattle.  Perhaps six or seven practitioners were in attendance for a Reiki circle when spontaneously, they started to pick up the drums, singing bowls and rattles that were lying around the living room.

Each session a practitioner received went to a deeper level, the intentional sound healing and the power of the Universal energy mixed and mingled and became something more.

After the two hour improv experience, we all looked at each other and said, ‘Let’s do this again!’.

And so, for the next year, we met at each other’s houses, brought our instruments and experimented.  Eventually, some musicians found out about the event, and brought their own skills and abilities into the mix.

Word started to spread of our ‘Soundscape’ and this grass-roots circle had to find a bigger venue.  Enter the era of holding Soundscapes in yoga studios.

From Greenlake to Ballard to Fremont, we began to hold these ‘happenings’ every month in various yoga studios.  People would bring their massage tables, as the group suddenly went from 6 or 7 to over 20 attending.

But the grass-rootness still remained, and participants always were encouraged to add their sound or rhythm to the existing music.  Reiki was still, always the foundation of the practice.   Month after month, we were all renewed in community sound healing.

Now, every 3rd Friday, including this upcoming May 17th, we will hold these scapes throughout the year.

Tasara Gen has been instrumental in bringing both her musical talent and visual art to the event and this month, Paul Che oke ten Wagner will be bringing his incredible gift of Native American flute.  I look forward to diving into the journey once more and hope you can attend!

Copyright 2013 Eileen Dey

Reiki Fellowship=Reiki Rockstars!

In 2007, the Reiki Fellowship launched into the world, connecting practitioners, teachers and new students with their communities.  Over the years, we have given many sessions, demonstrations and instruction across the Western US.  Our outreach has included the elderly, families at the Ronald McDonald House, Cortiva Institute of Massage, Evergreen Hospice and the Veteran’s Center.

Now it’s time for the Fellowship to have a proper home, a Reiki clinic, where the public, veterans and their families can come to receive sessions and trainings.  But we can’t do this without support.  We’ve applied to be considered for a 250K grant, and you can help us be ‘entered to win’ by following these steps:

1.  Click on the Mission:  Small Business website here:

2.  Login with your Facebook account (lower right side)

3.  Enter ‘Reiki Training Program’ under Vote Local

4.  Click on ‘Vote’

Thank you for your support, we need 250 votes by midnight 6/30/12!

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