Reiki Review of 2014

enlightenmentHere it comes.  The end to another amazing, challenging and eventful year.  When I reflect on all the wonderment that’s occurred, I’m happy I’m taking a pre-Christmas pause in lovely San Diego to compose this.

So here goes:

January:  We started off with Reiki circles at the charming Ravenna Healing House.  I couldn’t be there, as my family life was taking a turn, my Dad’s health was in a tenous balance, with many months of surgery and rehabilitation on the horizon.  Our Reiki classes and Soundscapes continued on, sparkling into the year ahead.

February:  A month of love and light, and yet, what I remember best is Valentine’s Day Reiki sessions!

March:  The beginning of working with some awesome Reiki practitioners and mentoring students and putting positive intention toward increasing my counseling work.

April:  I went on a women’s retreat to the Camp Brotherhood sanctuary in Mount Vernon and set my sights on holding a Reiki Retreat there later in August.  It is a truly magical and restorative place and I can’t wait until next year for our return!

May:  I moved one office into West Seattle Wellness and a whole new group of colleagues and clients opened up.

June:  When Seattle becomes paradise!  It was a beautiful, sunny and warm summer, and I remember many happy circles and sessions with smiles!  My Dad’s health had begun to regain strength and it felt like I could take my first deep breath in many months.

July:  Reiki Fellowship’s annual outreach to the Shoreline Solarfest!

August:  Reiki Retreat!!!  (see April entry)

September:  Left Ravenna Healing House and moved into Fremont Integrative Health Center.  A new chapter for clients, circles and spreading light through Seattle!!

October:  Counseling video unleashed!  Busy classes and circles as fall gains momentum.

November:  Last Soundscape of the year, as we get ready to enter into holiday season!

December:  Here we are, and we’ve got one more Reiki circle of the year!  We’ve got so many new workshops and classes in 2015, please stay tuned and keep being that beacon of healing and peace that the world so needs!

I’m grateful for all the students, teachers, colleagues and friends who have given so much love!  Thank you!

in light



9/19 Reiki Soundscape Bliss!

fallWe dive into fall with this amazing Soundscape and a guided meditation of healing by Reiki master and yoga guru Jacquie Hansen. She is teamed by the master musician Bryan Fabert.

Calling attention to the deep divinity of each moment is Bryan Fabert’s passion. Through the ancient meditative technology of the didgeridoo, Bryan creates an atmosphere of sound that calls attention to the rhythm of breath and the natural pulse of Life. Having a background in ceremonial music for community ritual, Bryan is able to flow into the spirit of the moment in collaboration with a wide range of musicians. After being initiated into the world of rhythm by the didgeridoo and hand drums, Bryan is developing himself as a singer/songwriter through ukulele and guitar. Playfull reverence for the creative energy of life guides Bryan’s work as an artist.

No prior experience of Reiki required to attend. Facilitated by Eileen Dey, Director/Founder, The Reiki Training Program and members of the Reiki Fellowship. Friday, 9/19 7-9pm Embrace the Moon 1716 NW Market Street, Seattle $12

Didjeridoo Reiki Soundscape Happiness tonight!

didjeridoo-dreamtimeTonight at Embrace the Moon, 1716 NW Market Street from 7-9pm Carol Canterbury and the percussionists that make up the Reiki Fellowship!

Let’s get the groove on and celebrate summer tribal style!

Hope you can all join us.  No prior experience of Reiki required.  I have tons of happiness (day 18) for the Soundscape, which is a monthly event always filled with light and new sounds!


Eileen Dey 2014

What is a Reiki Soundscape? Find out 5/17

peaceWhat is the Soundscape?  It’s a gathering of Reiki practitioners giving and receiving sessions while live, acoustic music is played accompanied by participants chanting, adding the sounds of bells, singing bowls and didgeridoo.  Here is a video from a past scape.

More than twelve years ago, the then-beginning Reiki Training Program held it’s first Soundscape in a 750 square foot cottage in the heart of the University District in Seattle.  Perhaps six or seven practitioners were in attendance for a Reiki circle when spontaneously, they started to pick up the drums, singing bowls and rattles that were lying around the living room.

Each session a practitioner received went to a deeper level, the intentional sound healing and the power of the Universal energy mixed and mingled and became something more.

After the two hour improv experience, we all looked at each other and said, ‘Let’s do this again!’.

And so, for the next year, we met at each other’s houses, brought our instruments and experimented.  Eventually, some musicians found out about the event, and brought their own skills and abilities into the mix.

Word started to spread of our ‘Soundscape’ and this grass-roots circle had to find a bigger venue.  Enter the era of holding Soundscapes in yoga studios.

From Greenlake to Ballard to Fremont, we began to hold these ‘happenings’ every month in various yoga studios.  People would bring their massage tables, as the group suddenly went from 6 or 7 to over 20 attending.

But the grass-rootness still remained, and participants always were encouraged to add their sound or rhythm to the existing music.  Reiki was still, always the foundation of the practice.   Month after month, we were all renewed in community sound healing.

Now, every 3rd Friday, including this upcoming May 17th, we will hold these scapes throughout the year.

Tasara Gen has been instrumental in bringing both her musical talent and visual art to the event and this month, Paul Che oke ten Wagner will be bringing his incredible gift of Native American flute.  I look forward to diving into the journey once more and hope you can attend!

Copyright 2013 Eileen Dey

New life for Reiki Soundscape

183Last night we had an amazing Soundscape at the Good Karma Center for Joy in Tacoma.  We’ll be there 1st/3rd Fridays 7-8:30pm staring in 2013.

What surprised me was that I’m getting what I asked for.  Well, let me back up.  I’ve been holding Reiki Soundscapes for over 10 years…they started in my humble home in the U-District with friends beating drums, chanting, rattling, etc. while we gave Reiki sessions.

Then we took it into a yoga studio to give us more room, invited actual musicians…and the rest is history.

So last night, not only did we have 3 incredibly talented musicians, Paul Wagner who plays Native American flute, Mike Mercker on guitar and vocals and Gary (who’s last name I don’t know!) who’s didgeridoo playing is spellbinding, but we also had Tasara Gen who creates art and projects it into fractals and trippy psychedelic images on a screen in the center!!!!

I attempted to capture video, so I’ll post it here, but don’t fault me for the production value.  A Reiki Soundscape is held in dim lighting and I am far from a camerawoman…but I did my best to get the spirit of it.  Click here for the video.

I hope you’ll join us the next time…and if you can’t make Tacoma (if you leave early enough it’s only a 30 minute drive from Seattle folks!)…12/15 at East West Bookshop, 6500 Roosevelt Ave NE we will do it again from 7-8:30pm!

Peace and light


Image courtesy of Tasara Gen

Video credits Paul Wagner, Mike Mercker, Gary and Tasara Gen

Many thanks to Kathy at the Good Karma Center for Joy, Tacoma

Reiki Soundscape and Gong Meditation


May 11th 7-8:30pm Finish off your day with a Reiki Soundscape experience in the gong sanctuary of West Seattle music therapist and sound healer Sha’ari GarfinkelEileen Dey will facilitate the Reiki circle.  Joining together as a group amplifies the intensity of intention for personal transformation. Add your presence to this one-of-a-kind synthesis.  No prior experience of Reiki or sound healing required.

$12.  Click to register.  Held at private West Seattle sanctuary.  Please call 206.947.7687 for directions.

More on the sanctuary and Sha’ari:

Our beautiful and serene studio in West Seattle incorporates both Asian and Northwest Coastal Native American design characteristics. With a resonating chamber and healing stone mandala installed beneath the floor, the structure was uniquely designed to maximize acoustical properties and healing potential. The studio houses dozens of instruments from around the world including five rare Paiste Planet and Sound Creation gongs.

Sha’ari Garfinkel is the director of Inner Listening and a specialist in the use of resonant sound in healing, ritual and therapy.  She is a nationally-board certified music therapist & licensed clinical social worker who plays gongs and other metal instruments, Native American flute, and french horn among others.  Sha’ari has played french horn professionally and has worked for major US orchestras in arts administration. She has also sung professionally and acted as both cantor and lay leader, facilitating spiritual experiences for communities throughout the country.  Her interests in healing music traditions have taken her to all over the world including Bali, Israel, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Peru, Belize, Mexico & Canada in addition to learning from indigenous communities in Washington State and Arizona.  Sha’ari conducts groups, classes and workshops.

Creating meaningful art

What is meaningful art?  Why do we need it?  I’ve heard it said that the creation of art is what truly makes us human.

I suppose it’s subjective to the observer and creator.  But I’d have to put my opinion in and say it is a work that sparks deep appreciation for the talent, training and production that has gone into it’s manifestation.

Over this last week, I’ve seen several films, The Descendents and People vs. The State of Illusion that are both deeply provocative and meaningful, worthy of being shown.

Last night, I went to see a performance at Seattle’s Comedy/Variety show, The Moisture Festival.  Pure, unadulterated art with performances by artists that were 150% present for the audience.  3 hours flew by and I’ve never been so absorbed in a live show before.

And then I contrast that to some of the other movies and shows that fellow actors and musicians I know have put together and I’ve witnessed this past week.

It’s not that they aren’t talented, but the magic that makes something meaningful is lacking.  It’s like having days of a feast of art and then comparing it to Top Ramen.  Just no comparison.  But like everything in life, perhaps it’s a means to an end…that eventually, through all their projects, they’ll create a masterpiece.

Tonight, the Reiki Soundscape presents itself yet again.  An organic musical experience infused with healing energy.  Over the years there have been great Scapes, and there have been those that have cobbled by.  All were learning experiences, but each one had the intention of being meaningful for the participants.

As 2012 unfolds, there will be more Soundscapes, more opportunities to strive for the creation of an experience that transforms both creator and receiver.

What gives art meaning to you?  What shows, films, concerts or works of art have transformed you?  I feel in addition to doing traditional healing work in the world to raise the vibration, the caliber of art also needs to be raised.  Comments and suggestions welcome!

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