For less depression avoid politics

photo  I know tonight is the final presidential debate.  I would seriously advise avoiding watching the telecast or engaging in social media to keep your own emotional state in balance.

As a counselor, I have witnessed seasonal depression as the seasons change.  However, this year, it is magnified by the divisive politics our country is engaged in.

There are many other ways of learning about what has been going on politically, and I encourage reading rather than watching.

Watching TV broadcast of the debates or worse, edited versions blasted on social media goes directly into your subconscious.  The written word allows us to take time to digest.  Images are like an instant injection of both hatred and fear.

If you are already struggling with depression, or difficulties in life, please be mindful of your media consumption.

This is an extreme act of self-care, disconnecting from any direct and easy link to news.


Taking care of Self: Happiness Day 22

ioI’ve gotten pretty good at self-care after all these years of teaching and practicing Reiki, but I’m reminded daily of it’s importance to maintain balance and harmony, and above all happiness!

It’s a beautiful summer day, and a quick blog before I venture back out into nature, sun and fresh air.  Had some chiropractic this morning to help a neck ache get better and hanging out with like-minded community always boosts spirits.

Next on my list is a discovery walk, to see what literally lies ahead on my path.  There are probably a whole host of work-related items I’m overlooking, but I can’t seem to wrangle myself into my office chair for long to stay put when my energy just wants to expand!

Self-care for me is listening to the wisdom of my body.  I spent a whole day yesterday teaching my form of it, Insight Reiki, which upholds that the body doesn’t lie.  It tells you what it needs and you can’t ignore that when you get a message so clear.  It’s a direct knowing, more like intuition than intellect.

So, I’m happy to follow that, and take in the scenery and bring that energy back into the world at large.

Eileen Dey 2014

Reikied Out?

I recently had a conversation with one of my students who claimed they were ‘Reikied Out’.  I thought it was worthy of some further dialogue.

As caregivers out in the world its a little too easy to over-extend ourselves and keep giving and forget to take time to nurture ourselves.

You know you are Reikied Out when you just don’t want to help for the moment.  It feels like an intrusion.

Honor that symptom.  You need to get back into balance.

That balance is truly key to our own longevity in a field that has us cultivating compassion daily.

What part of the world doesn’t need our help, let alone our immediate family, friends and clients.

The Buddha said that all of life is ‘dukkha’ or ‘suffering’.  But that it can be transcended.

In Buddhism, there’s a whole prescriptive path to alleviate that suffering.

But in Reiki, the ‘cure’ is take time for self.  Stop giving to others.  It’s not selfish, it’s self-care.

Each and every single day I find ways for self-care when my schedule permits.  Some days it is sleeping later, some days it is taking a half-hour of meditation, or a long walk, or playing around in the garden.

When I have more time, it’s getting a bodywork treatment or going for a long walk or hike.

Incredibly necessary.  Part of every Reiki practitioner or master’s tool kit.

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