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Finally, I feel like I am able to start planning for the next phase of the Reiki work I do.  Just like everyone else, I’ve had to process all the information and feelings and then find a way to adjust to all the recent rapid changes in our world to the best of my ability,.

You might know that I created a virtual support groupto help others through this process of dealing with the COVID-19 response.  Being featured in the Guardian was a highlight but helping all those that have come has been the true reward for me.

By the grace of synchronicity, my month of March was not a ‘teaching month’ for Reiki.  I had deliberately kept that schedule free to be available to both friends and family going through their own transitions.  Who knew?!

But as I look ahead at the rest of spring, I realize in order to keep teaching Reiki in a healthy, safe, and supportive way, it needs to go completely virtual.  Now, many Reiki teachers have been offering online classes for quite some time.  I always appreciated the option to teach in person.  So, for me, going virtual is most definitely novel Reiki training!

Online learning is definitely it’s own medium.  The positive aspect to this is that Reiki flows through time and space, so the energy itself doesn’t require you to be ‘in person’ with a teacher to learn it.

I’ve looked into pre-recording classes and offering them as webinars and it doesn’t jive with how I feel this healing system is best experienced and integrated.   It’s that difference between live and recorded music.  I also have always structured my classes to meet the needs individually of each student, each class.

That individualized attention is probably one of my hallmarks.

A Reiki class, however, isn’t like a straight lecture or strictly hands-on arts class.  It’s got both qualities and then some.

The way I teach in person is a combination of lecture, practice, ritual, sitting down, standing up, lying down and moving around.  It’s serious, it’s funny, it’s inspiring, it’s transformational.

So all those elements will go into the online format.  The video is important, but there will be times when just audio is only needed and periods where there is only silence and the student is having their own experience.

It’s a good challenge for me to continue to develop curriculum in this manner.  I’m grateful that despite the seeming limitations of social distancing and staying indoors, it affords me more time to work on this project and bring another form of The Reiki Training Program to the world.

I’ve already had several weeks of the Virtual Sharing and Healing Meditation Circles to explore how technology can assist teaching  best ways to convey energy healing practices through online learning.

My next virtual Reiki 1 class will be April 5th.  Reiki 1 will provide an overview of the history and background of the healing system, instructions for self-practice and guidelines in working with others, pets and plants/spaces.  Attunements (empowerments) will be given as well as plenty of practice on one’s self and others in the class.

If you are interested to attend, you can sign up here.  All classes included continued mentorship through email or teleconference and participation in online circle sharing.  No pre-requisites required.  Be prepared to be surprised!

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Happiness for Support

Happy-hug-day-hd-widescreen-wallpapersI’m in awe of all the support I received to assist in dealing with the crisis of Richard’s kids as they attempted to return to Mexico (where they live).  It’s quite a challenge in itself, Richard and the kids all fly from Seattle to San Diego and their mother picks them up and takes them back.

How it all went down was like an episode of a family in crisis on some cops TV show.  I’m in awe of my partner Richard, for defending himself against the verbal attacks and physical threats from his ex, not through retaliation, but through justice, having a police presence de-escalate the situation and support his decision not to take any more abuse from her.

As a counselor, I’m all about talking through issues, if possible, but I’ve lived through and watched this toxic relationship for over eight years. Every visit, she has created one drama or another to manipulate the situation, threaten him all in an effort to alienate him from  the right to see his kids.  It’s very sick and very sad.

It’s such a contrast to the relatively peaceful existence we had with his children while they were here this summer.  There was nothing to confront, other than encouraging them to do a bit more in the nice weather.  We laughed, we had fun, no drama.

But what got Richard through today, was support from the legal system, myself and by extension, all the prayers and Reiki light sent his way from my friends.  Thank you all.  To my knowledge, the children did return safely, albeit, to the home of their troubled mother.  ]

My hope for them continues to be that some day, perhaps as adults, they’ll be able to appreciate  and see the truth of what their father has done and endured just to be able to see them all these years.

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