1 Minute Mind Cleanse

Losing Brain FunctionI invite you to take this time to go deep within.  Take a breath.  Honor this moment and this pause.  The world at large going on around you is still going on, regardless of how you feel about it.

I stumbled across a beautiful project that is a collection of positive words from around the world.  Take a look at some of these concepts.  They offer fresh perspective.

This is what you can control: what occupies your thoughts.  What is feeding your thoughts?  External stimuli?  How does it effect you in this moment.  Come back to that pause.

This is not a way of backing out of the reality that is our new world, our new America.  But it is to say, where are we focusing our energy on.  What are we getting obsessed about?  I write and post this on social media with the hope that you will read it and it can offer an opportunity for your own mind to take a break from all the other news articles, posts, rants and feelings that are swirling around you.

If you keep projecting out into the future you are technically ‘future tripping’.  It’s a very slippery slope.  You project your hopes, dreams fears out into the future and you start to make it so.  Thoughts are things.  With enough focus, you can eve create your own future with your thoughts.

So it’s very important at this time to have more purity of thought.  Meditation is one way to achieve this, as is self-Reiki.  Feeding the mind with other words, phrase, images.  It requires the act of unplugging from the main currents of information.

Words have vibration.  My hope is to create words that promote loving-kindness and offer a safe harbor from the other words, phrases and thought forms being generated at this time.

Special thanks to Dr. Loma’s project of postivie lexicography.

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Meaningful words make you pause

Lately I’ve been posting various quotes, trivia, and  humorous sayings via my Twitter account.  I feel that there’s so much that can be communicated by these technologies, maybe offering some words that make you stop for a moment, make you think, laugh, or even pause can infuse your day with a bit more meaning.

I’ve had criticism for quoting others, instead of coming up with my own phrases. But really, reinvent the wheel?  So much incredible wisdom that has been recorded over time, is there to be shared, taken in, re-examined and integrated into one’s existence.

My whole M.O. is encouraging people to stop and ‘honor the pause’.  Sure, Reiki is a method to do that, but if you are reading this from an office where you are sitting in front of a computer, how do you sneak that quiet moment of bliss in?  Try convincing your boss that you were meditating and not falling asleep at the job.

So, reading something online that makes you pause and wonder may be a way to at least bring a state of contemplation into one’s busy day.

I’ve been experimenting with Pinterest as a visual ancedote too, it’s another way of presenting something makes you go, ‘ah, now that feels good’.

These are steps toward experiencing something refreshing and new, the best is the real deal which is stepping away from technology and being outside in the sun and fresh air.  No app for that.  It just is.

But, to help you through your work day, I offer these devices.  May you enjoy a moment of pause!

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