1 Minute Mind Cleanse

Losing Brain FunctionI invite you to take this time to go deep within.  Take a breath.  Honor this moment and this pause.  The world at large going on around you is still going on, regardless of how you feel about it.

I stumbled across a beautiful project that is a collection of positive words from around the world.  Take a look at some of these concepts.  They offer fresh perspective.

This is what you can control: what occupies your thoughts.  What is feeding your thoughts?  External stimuli?  How does it effect you in this moment.  Come back to that pause.

This is not a way of backing out of the reality that is our new world, our new America.  But it is to say, where are we focusing our energy on.  What are we getting obsessed about?  I write and post this on social media with the hope that you will read it and it can offer an opportunity for your own mind to take a break from all the other news articles, posts, rants and feelings that are swirling around you.

If you keep projecting out into the future you are technically ‘future tripping’.  It’s a very slippery slope.  You project your hopes, dreams fears out into the future and you start to make it so.  Thoughts are things.  With enough focus, you can eve create your own future with your thoughts.

So it’s very important at this time to have more purity of thought.  Meditation is one way to achieve this, as is self-Reiki.  Feeding the mind with other words, phrase, images.  It requires the act of unplugging from the main currents of information.

Words have vibration.  My hope is to create words that promote loving-kindness and offer a safe harbor from the other words, phrases and thought forms being generated at this time.

Special thanks to Dr. Loma’s project of postivie lexicography.

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Tonglen for those we love

Tonglen is a Tibetan Buddhist practice of giving and receiving healing through the breath.  I’d like to dedicate the distant Reiki healing group tomorrow 5/31/12 to communing with those we love both close and afar.  Below is a description of how to do this practice!  Let the love and light shine!

“We begin the practice by taking on the suffering of a person we know to be hurting and who we wish to help. For instance, if you know of a child who is being hurt, you breathe in the wish to take away all the pain and fear of that child. Then, as you breathe out, you send the child happiness, joy or whatever would relieve their pain. This is the core of the practice: breathing in other’s pain so they can be well and have more space to relax and open, and breathing out, sending them relaxation or whatever you feel would bring them relief and happiness. However, we often cannot do this practice because we come face to face with our own fear, our own resistance, anger, or whatever our personal pain, our personal stuckness happens to be at that moment.

At that point you can change the focus and begin to do tonglen for what you are feeling and for millions of others just like you who at that very moment of time are feeling exactly the same stuckness and misery. Maybe you are able to name your pain. You recognize it clearly as terror or revulsion or anger or wanting to get revenge. So you breathe in for all the people who are caught with that same emotion and you send out relief or whatever opens up the space for yourself and all those countless others. Maybe you can’t name what you’re feeling. But you can feel it —a tightness in the stomach, a heavy darkness or whatever. Just contact what you are feeling and breathe in, take it in —for all of us and send out relief to all of us.”  For more on Tonglen..


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How to know when you are stuck in ego: Signs & Solutions

1.  You keep trying to ‘make things happen’ but when they do, you’ve ended up leaving a wake of angst.

2.  You aren’t connecting to people and places around you because you feel they are beneath you.

3.  You think that you and you alone have the answer to most everything.

If you find yourself in this predicament, and it is a precarious situation, there is hope, but it’ going to take some practice setting aside that part of our personality that can sometimes get ‘out of hand’, our ego.

I’ve heard it referred to that ego stands for ‘Edging God Out’, or whatever you consider God to be.

When you are full on stuck in ego, there isn’t any room for the potential influences of synchronicity or the support of the Universe.

You are confused thinking that the way to get things done only relies on your view.  And that view is limited.

So to expand the view, first practice with the breath.  A deep, full one, from head to two.  Then, take another and this time, slowly let your own body begin to breathe for you rather than you ‘controlling’ the breath.

You might want a mantra, ‘this breath, this source, isn’t about me, it’s greater than me’.  Maybe visualize some white light or a shower of light flowing down through the crown of your head.

See the ‘you’ you are literally stepping aside and letting this light flow in to take it’s place.  Don’t worry, you can put your ‘you shell’ back on later.  For now, let go in this flow.

Once there, see where you are with your issue or problem.  If your mind starts creating a checklist, you are still in ego.

So keep practicing.  When the checklist and action items disappear and you can just be with the issue without a ready-made solution, you’ve separated a bit.  Good job.

If working with the breath was hard, take the issue that’s on your mind and put it in a plastic bag.  That’s right, get an empty bag, put the issue in it and put it outside for a minute.  Let the bag be the space holder.  See what happens….and let me know!




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