Draining the Memory Swamp

17239629401_da589c8e17_nThis past week I’ve been ruminating on the challenges and difficulties of past relationships.  There hasn’t been any particular reason why I’ve been reflecting on these memories (like when you hear a song and it reminds you about a certain time in your life).  They have just come up, emerging like gas bubbles released from deep underwater chasms.

However, now that I have indulged several days of inner exploration, I am experiencing the consequences of too much reflection.  It feels as if my psyche is getting too murky sloshing about in that swamp of memories.  In psychotherapy we call this experience ‘emotional flooding‘.

Those suffering from PTSD or other traumas, those in early recovery, or those who have suffered with anxiety can all have periods of emotional flooding.

The ‘cure’ is to literally ‘dry out’.  Thinking about other things is one technique, which requires mindfulness, conscious awareness of one’s thoughts.

Balancing and calming the nervous system is also helpful, whether that is through meditation, Reiki or soothing teas.  Also engaging in activities that are more rewarding than stressful, whether that is exercise or creative pursuits.

So, I turn to those skills to help ‘dry out’ the emotionally waterlogged body and mind.

I’ve only just begun, so it will take time, the article I linked to states it takes 20 minutes per flooding cycle.  Mine has been going on for several cycles, so until it resets, probably several hours I will be painting, a way to be active and creative to move through this emotional state.

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Expanding creativity in the classroom

I just finished a full weekend of satisfying advanced Reiki classes with the help of real and imaginary students.  These two picture, my sentient chicken Beatrice and my new adoptee Babs the baboon puppet were proxies for various exercises we did.

Using ‘devices’ like stuffed toys/puppets stimulates students creativity.  It also brings a bit of levity to the deeper issues we worked with this weekend:  anger, depression, anxiety, grief and loss.

Expanding creativity is a way of being, it incorporates itself into your world if you give it space.  The classroom, for me, is such a space, and full of rich and rewarding experiences.

As a teacher, using these proxy sit-ins, it also allows students to have a ‘client’ to work on that is far from threatening.  So I encourage those that teach to have such objects at their disposal.

I’m grateful for being able to do this work, and I know my ‘assistants’ that help out, such as Beatrice and Babs, had as much fun and enjoyed learning from the interactions with everyone.  Thanks again!

Making time for your creativity

Today is the first Artist’s Lounge of many at the Reiki Sanctuary.  It’s often a challenge to find time for that inner artist, and often fears come out about ‘not being worthy’ to devote the space to let your muse shine.

The Artist’s Lounge is just for such a purpose.  Come out and play!  But also, dedicate yourself to your creative passion.

I’m working on some Native American-inspired rattles today, for prizes at an upcoming Reiki Fellowship outreach we are doing in Bothell.  But I’ll also attend to my e-book and I’ve got some other ideas perculating….but of course, there’s only so much time!

I learned long ago that if this time isn’t honored, especially for someone who thinks ‘outside the box’, you end up cultivating a slow, painful ache that never quite goes away.

So, every Thursday from 9am-5pm the Sanctuary is set up for this.  For more info, you can visit our site:


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