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Finally, I feel like I am able to start planning for the next phase of the Reiki work I do.  Just like everyone else, I’ve had to process all the information and feelings and then find a way to adjust to all the recent rapid changes in our world to the best of my ability,.

You might know that I created a virtual support groupto help others through this process of dealing with the COVID-19 response.  Being featured in the Guardian was a highlight but helping all those that have come has been the true reward for me.

By the grace of synchronicity, my month of March was not a ‘teaching month’ for Reiki.  I had deliberately kept that schedule free to be available to both friends and family going through their own transitions.  Who knew?!

But as I look ahead at the rest of spring, I realize in order to keep teaching Reiki in a healthy, safe, and supportive way, it needs to go completely virtual.  Now, many Reiki teachers have been offering online classes for quite some time.  I always appreciated the option to teach in person.  So, for me, going virtual is most definitely novel Reiki training!

Online learning is definitely it’s own medium.  The positive aspect to this is that Reiki flows through time and space, so the energy itself doesn’t require you to be ‘in person’ with a teacher to learn it.

I’ve looked into pre-recording classes and offering them as webinars and it doesn’t jive with how I feel this healing system is best experienced and integrated.   It’s that difference between live and recorded music.  I also have always structured my classes to meet the needs individually of each student, each class.

That individualized attention is probably one of my hallmarks.

A Reiki class, however, isn’t like a straight lecture or strictly hands-on arts class.  It’s got both qualities and then some.

The way I teach in person is a combination of lecture, practice, ritual, sitting down, standing up, lying down and moving around.  It’s serious, it’s funny, it’s inspiring, it’s transformational.

So all those elements will go into the online format.  The video is important, but there will be times when just audio is only needed and periods where there is only silence and the student is having their own experience.

It’s a good challenge for me to continue to develop curriculum in this manner.  I’m grateful that despite the seeming limitations of social distancing and staying indoors, it affords me more time to work on this project and bring another form of The Reiki Training Program to the world.

I’ve already had several weeks of the Virtual Sharing and Healing Meditation Circles to explore how technology can assist teaching  best ways to convey energy healing practices through online learning.

My next virtual Reiki 1 class will be April 5th.  Reiki 1 will provide an overview of the history and background of the healing system, instructions for self-practice and guidelines in working with others, pets and plants/spaces.  Attunements (empowerments) will be given as well as plenty of practice on one’s self and others in the class.

If you are interested to attend, you can sign up here.  All classes included continued mentorship through email or teleconference and participation in online circle sharing.  No pre-requisites required.  Be prepared to be surprised!

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How Distant Healing Works

4541723842I wanted to talk a bit about what distance healing is and how it can be as effective as in-person Reiki sessions, the advantages and disadvantages to the technique.

In working with Reiki for over 20 years I have had the honor of helping thousands of clients heal and obtain relief from various aliments, illnesses, spiritual and emotional issues.

How energy healing ‘works’.  Healing energy is all around us, in the sky, in the earth, in the Universe.  It has been a part of this world as long as there have been humans inhabiting.  A practitioner of this energy funnels it through intention (not ego) and uses their body as a channel to direct this intention.  The client who is receiving this energy draws the energy to them.  They must give themselves permission to receive.  They don’t need to believe in the energy, or that it even works, but there must be consent.  This is the fundamental process of how Reiki healing works.

Most people are familiar with a practitioner using their hands to either lay upon or hover above a client’s body when doing Reiki.  The recipient often feels the pressure, heat, or movement of energy during such an in-person session.  A sense of calm, relaxation and peace often occurs and often there is significant pain reduction.

Some people find the in-person session most comfortable and soothing because it does involve a certain connection with the practitioner.

Distance healing involves the same mechanism described above in how energy healing ‘works’.  But because time and space are illusions as described in modern physics, the practitioner is able to ‘send’ energy through space and time to a recipient.  They need not be present to experience the benefits.

When I describe this to my clients they seem very amazed at such a phenomena, that it is considered ‘magic’ and yet, we don’t blink an eye at our cell phones working because of ‘invisible’ waves communicating our thoughts and ideas.  A Reiki practitioner is like a telecommunications satellite. We are able to transmit healing frequencies to the recipients who request them.

I have found that it is important for the recipient of a distance healing session to schedule the appointment as if they were going to have an in-person session.  In this way, they can prepare themselves in a more optimum way, shutting off any distractions and finding a quiet place to sit or lay down.  If they’d like to light a candle or play some ambient music in the background, that is up to them.

In this way, they have created a sacred space for themselves.  This is what the energy practitioner does when they perform an in-person session.

And yet, there have been many times where I have been called upon to send distant Reiki at a moments notice, the recipient was in crisis and so did not have the opportunity to set up a sacred space.  The Reiki energy still transmitted and was received.

How do I know it was received?  After each distant session, I either email or call my clients, depending on their preference, and check-in with how they are doing and relay any insights I received and that they experienced.

Without fail, throughout decades of practice, each recipient I have sent to has commented that the effects of the session were “profound, deep and cleansing” or “radiating energy pulsating throughout my body”.  One client told me, “I felt as if you went to the core of my problem and took it away”.

I have performed distant healing sessions for clients with cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease, pre and post-surgery, pregnancy, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, insomnia as well as for supporting good health in both body and mind.

If you would like to schedule a distant Reiki session, you can view my online schedule here.

If you have additional questions or information about the session, please feel free to email me at

I charge $75/hour through Paypal or by check if paid in advance.

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Reiki for the illummination of consciousness

Tomorrow’s distant Reiki healing offers an opportunity to tune in to the vibration of the summer solstice energy.  Much has been written about how solar activity illuminates consciousness, and gosh knows we need to support the uplifting of mind/body/soul for the planet.

So, on 6/21 from 10-11am, whether you send for 10 minutes or the hour, embrace this pivotal moment in the calendar, align with the sun and shine the rays of hope, peace and love for all mankind.

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Building the Reiki Muscle

Like a weight lifter who practices day after day in building physical strength, this week we focus on building energetic stamina.

Sending distant Reiki tomorrow from 10-11am to strengthen the health of our families, our relationships and our own divine nature.

I had the experience just yesterday where I gave Reiki to a plant of all things that was quite wilted.  Within half and hour, it had perked up as if it was a fresh and radiant new growth!

Whether you want to participate for a 10 minute ‘workout’ or extend it to the full 60 minutes, it’s what works best for you.  The importance is the practice.  Each week we come together from all corners of the country to tune in and build our Reiki muscles.

So by infusing our family members (with their permission) with the intent of Reiki will assist their own healing and radiance.  Our relationships, platonic, romantic, human or animal are also in need of a Spring boost, so let’s keep them in our hearts as well.  And finally, we return to our own selves, our need for rejuvenation.  Such healing radiates outward through space and time effecting all like a great circle of peace and light.

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Distant Reiki to Embrace Alternative Energy

The latest news says the reactors at Fukushima are still emitting large amounts of radiation.  Nuclear power isn’t the only way for the future.  There are many other alternate sources that exist and are being cultivated.  In fact, in Japan, they are focusing now on the development of a Solar Techno Park to assist with a new energy strategy.

Tomorrow from 10-11am, we’ll once again send our Reiki vibrations out into the world. We’ll focus on the continued development of such alternate energies as fuel cells, hydropower, biofuels, solar, wind and geothermal.

As always, allowing space and time afterward to send to our our own friends, families and communities and issues relevant to our own lives.

For more info on how you can personally save energy, here’s a neat Personal Energy Meter to help you gauge how energy-wise you are.  And you are up for the challenge, here is the Energy Diet!

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Reiki for Inner Peace to balance Outer Chaos

The world still needs a lot of love and peace.  Looking at latest headlines, Violence in Syria’s Capital Even With a Cease-Fire, Pakistan test-fires a nuclear capable missile and yet at the same time a bomb has gone off at a train station in that country.

I’d like to dedicate tomorrow’s Distant Healing Group from 10-11am PST on 4/25 to cultivating Inner Peace in helping to deal with and balance outer chaos.  We did this last month and it’s a good time to repeat the intention.

I’d like to keep the whole hour as a time of meditation and sending healing energy to our own selves, families and communities with the intention of restoring an inner sense of calm.  Whether  you tune in for ten minutes or the whole hour, cultivate peace within.

From this center, waves can ripple outward, like a stone dropped in a pond.

Cultivating inner peace asks us also to look at and let go of those beliefs, habits and thoughts that don’t serve us or our relations.  What is getting in the way of a life of harmony?

Maybe it’s as simple as not having a morning cup of coffee to over stimulate our nervous system so that we are on ‘edge’ all day.  Maybe it’s saying kind words to our partners and friends, showing grattitude toward them instead of animosity.

Maybe it’s also about having loving thoughts for oneself, rather than judgements about what’s not ‘right’ with one’s body:  too fat, too thin, too old, etc.  Being ok with who you are just for that hour.

Also, looking at the judgements imposed on others, and for that hour, finding connection, rather than controversy in how we perceive the world.

If you have any thoughts during the session, you can post to my wall on FB.  To join the schedule of other distant healings, you can sign up on our meetup group.

See you tomorrow in the light!


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Sending Reiki to the Marine Food Chain on 2/16

Lets take the first 20 minutes and contemplate our own choices with seafood as well as to the creatures that represent the diet for so much of the world.

When you eat seafood, what impact are you having on the ocean and its interdependent and increasingly vulnerable marine population? Today’s health, safety, and sustainability considerations can make it complicated to determine the best seafood choices for you and your family. This interactive guide compiles all the information you need to continue to eat healthfully while lowering your seafood footprint. Use it to find out where your favorite fish ranks in sustainability, toxicity, and omega-3 content, as well its place in the food chain—and why it matters.

From there, the next 20 minutes, lets focus on the health and clarity of the oceans and also respect for the power of the water that comprises the majority of this planet.

Last 20 minutes, as always, sent to ourselves, our family, friends and loved ones in need.

Check FB for updates and see you on the Reiki wave!


Distant Healing Targets for 1/26/12

On Thursday, 1/26/12 from 8-9am PST we will be sending Reiki to the following targets:

20 minutes to the Gulf of Mexico where there is a ‘dead zone’ possibly from the 2010 spill and the Mississippi River Basin run-off causing abnormalities in fish making females develop male testes.  Similar to the work we have done with the Duwamish River in Seattle, offering Reiki light to cleanse the waters for all the creatures that inhabit them.

20 minutes to all who are involved and receive the benefits of scientific research such as stem cell treatments helping to regenerate tissue in the eye to allow patients to see.

20 minutes to our own communities, family, friends and loved ones in need of healing light.

Remember to check in on FB if you have various impressions or requests.

in light


The Global Outcry That Saved the Amazon

2 weeks ago we had our first distant Reiki healing group and our target was the Amazon.  Here’s a story just released yesterday that’s also in synch with our work!!!

Half a million citizens of the world joined with 1,000 indigenous protesters in demanding that Bolivian President Evo Morales halt construction on a highway that would slice through the heart of the Amazon. launched the petition that was delivered by staff to top Bolivian cabinet ministers during a long and stormy meeting.

“The pressure worked!”

“Our widespread solidarity strengthened the legitimacy of the indigenous protesters whom Morales tried to marginalize and threatened the president’s valued reputation as an environmentalist,” wrote Avaaz leaders.

Because of the campaign, Morales canceled construction. He repealed the decision granting permission for the project, and pledged to protect the impacted TIPNIS national park and indigenous territory — the crown jewel of the Bolivian Amazon. is a 10-million-person global campaign network that works to ensure that the views and values of the world’s people shape global decision-making. (“Avaaz” means “voice” or “song” in many languages.)

Learn more at their website:

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Distant Reiki Healing Group 12/22 8am-9am PST

Get ready to fire up those Reiki engines…..
For the first half-hour let’s send Reiki to the victims and survivors of the devastating floods and declared national calamity in the Philippines.

The remaining half-hour I’d like to split into two parts, the first 15 minutes towards our neighborhoods and communities and the issues effecting them.

The last 15 minutes to our own friends, family and selves in need of healing.

Thanks again and see you on FB for updates! For individual request feel free to email me as well.

Have a great solstice and happy holiday! Hope to see you in Seattle when I’m there visiting through the first week in January 2012.

in light

Eileen Dey, M.A., LMHC

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