How Distant Healing Works

4541723842I wanted to talk a bit about what distance healing is and how it can be as effective as in-person Reiki sessions, the advantages and disadvantages to the technique.

In working with Reiki for over 20 years I have had the honor of helping thousands of clients heal and obtain relief from various aliments, illnesses, spiritual and emotional issues.

How energy healing ‘works’.  Healing energy is all around us, in the sky, in the earth, in the Universe.  It has been a part of this world as long as there have been humans inhabiting.  A practitioner of this energy funnels it through intention (not ego) and uses their body as a channel to direct this intention.  The client who is receiving this energy draws the energy to them.  They must give themselves permission to receive.  They don’t need to believe in the energy, or that it even works, but there must be consent.  This is the fundamental process of how Reiki healing works.

Most people are familiar with a practitioner using their hands to either lay upon or hover above a client’s body when doing Reiki.  The recipient often feels the pressure, heat, or movement of energy during such an in-person session.  A sense of calm, relaxation and peace often occurs and often there is significant pain reduction.

Some people find the in-person session most comfortable and soothing because it does involve a certain connection with the practitioner.

Distance healing involves the same mechanism described above in how energy healing ‘works’.  But because time and space are illusions as described in modern physics, the practitioner is able to ‘send’ energy through space and time to a recipient.  They need not be present to experience the benefits.

When I describe this to my clients they seem very amazed at such a phenomena, that it is considered ‘magic’ and yet, we don’t blink an eye at our cell phones working because of ‘invisible’ waves communicating our thoughts and ideas.  A Reiki practitioner is like a telecommunications satellite. We are able to transmit healing frequencies to the recipients who request them.

I have found that it is important for the recipient of a distance healing session to schedule the appointment as if they were going to have an in-person session.  In this way, they can prepare themselves in a more optimum way, shutting off any distractions and finding a quiet place to sit or lay down.  If they’d like to light a candle or play some ambient music in the background, that is up to them.

In this way, they have created a sacred space for themselves.  This is what the energy practitioner does when they perform an in-person session.

And yet, there have been many times where I have been called upon to send distant Reiki at a moments notice, the recipient was in crisis and so did not have the opportunity to set up a sacred space.  The Reiki energy still transmitted and was received.

How do I know it was received?  After each distant session, I either email or call my clients, depending on their preference, and check-in with how they are doing and relay any insights I received and that they experienced.

Without fail, throughout decades of practice, each recipient I have sent to has commented that the effects of the session were “profound, deep and cleansing” or “radiating energy pulsating throughout my body”.  One client told me, “I felt as if you went to the core of my problem and took it away”.

I have performed distant healing sessions for clients with cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease, pre and post-surgery, pregnancy, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, insomnia as well as for supporting good health in both body and mind.

If you would like to schedule a distant Reiki session, you can view my online schedule here.

If you have additional questions or information about the session, please feel free to email me at

I charge $75/hour through Paypal or by check if paid in advance.

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Musings from the Spiritual Path


I remember in 1991 when I first visited Seattle on a family vacation how radiant and lush the landscape and views were.  I had travelled many parts of the globe by then, and yet touching down here at that time, I felt a deep sense of home.  The land whispered to me, “Come back”.

It took eight more years, a marriage, a divorce, a graduate degree and being introduced to Reiki before I was ‘ready’ to begin to grow roots here.  This internal preparation with external transition was the first manifestation of my spiritual journey.

The first decade in Seattle was about clarifying my vocational vision and stepping into the role of leader in establishing the Reiki Training Program.  Along that path I explored  much of the NW back country and became attuned to the seasons and weather here.  My artist self gained traction through various creative pursuits.  I travelled through Asia and South America with expanded awareness of other healing traditions.

Personal relationships ended, deepened or started anew.  My Reiki work and fellowship began to expand with the publication of my first book and guided meditation CDs.

Over this last almost-decade, a whole new spiritual path has begun.  It did require me to professionally ‘own’ both my counseling and Reiki paths with the state’s requirement of licensure.  That path has provided me with a whole other world of gratifying healing work and experience I never would have gotten from the Reiki path alone.

My home went through multiple transitions from becoming a public workshop and healing space for students and clients into a humble but creative ceramic arts studio.  Family health crises dominated these years, but developing sober strategies enabled an ability to drop further into witnessing.  Despite those tragedies, travel also occurred, to the Mediterranean and all throughout the Baltic.

Again, personal relationships ended, deepened or started anew.

I’m taking a moment today to just catch my breath, looking back with clarity and looking forward with fresh and curious eyes as to what lays in store.  I couldn’t possibly have predicted any of the profound experiences I am grateful to have had when I first walked this land.

I am prepared to be surprised at what comes next.  In gratitude for the journey…..

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Sending Reiki to the Ebola Crisis

Join us November 1st, 2014 from 10-11am PST.

I feel it’s overdue for Reiki practitioners called to action to set some time aside to send Reiki to the situation, whether that be to the patients, families, medical staff, research scientists, officials and basically into the future, for assistance, light and compassion.

This being the Day of the Dead, to also honor the victims who have died in tragedy, we honor you.

Join from wherever you might be, 10-11am PST.  Feel free to post comments to the event page.

Thank you for your support!

New life for Reiki Soundscape

183Last night we had an amazing Soundscape at the Good Karma Center for Joy in Tacoma.  We’ll be there 1st/3rd Fridays 7-8:30pm staring in 2013.

What surprised me was that I’m getting what I asked for.  Well, let me back up.  I’ve been holding Reiki Soundscapes for over 10 years…they started in my humble home in the U-District with friends beating drums, chanting, rattling, etc. while we gave Reiki sessions.

Then we took it into a yoga studio to give us more room, invited actual musicians…and the rest is history.

So last night, not only did we have 3 incredibly talented musicians, Paul Wagner who plays Native American flute, Mike Mercker on guitar and vocals and Gary (who’s last name I don’t know!) who’s didgeridoo playing is spellbinding, but we also had Tasara Gen who creates art and projects it into fractals and trippy psychedelic images on a screen in the center!!!!

I attempted to capture video, so I’ll post it here, but don’t fault me for the production value.  A Reiki Soundscape is held in dim lighting and I am far from a camerawoman…but I did my best to get the spirit of it.  Click here for the video.

I hope you’ll join us the next time…and if you can’t make Tacoma (if you leave early enough it’s only a 30 minute drive from Seattle folks!)…12/15 at East West Bookshop, 6500 Roosevelt Ave NE we will do it again from 7-8:30pm!

Peace and light


Image courtesy of Tasara Gen

Video credits Paul Wagner, Mike Mercker, Gary and Tasara Gen

Many thanks to Kathy at the Good Karma Center for Joy, Tacoma

Dancing the Spirit Back Into Parched Rivers

After a decade-long drought, Aboriginal elders travel the length of Australia’s Murray-Darling Basin performing the Ringbalin—a pilgrimage designed to ‘dance’ the spirit back into the land and heal the rivers. And it appears to work.

Inspiration for our next Duwamish River gathering!

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Healing our Inner War

Whenever I see violence in the outer world it reminds me as humans we still have much work to do on the inner wars that confront us.  This outer manifestation is a symptom for the discord that rumbles in the mind and soul.

Yesterday’s violence in the Seattle May Day protest was felt throughout this fair city.   It’s a reminder of the continuing unease felt downtown.

It made me feel quite sad and despondent because the phenomena isn’t just in my town, it’s really everywhere in the world, bubbling underneath, simmering…and when opportunities are right, that violence shows it’s harsh face.

Tomorrow’s distant Reiki group provides and opportunity to work on our own inner conflicts and discords, from difficulties in relationships with others as well as our own anxieties and frustrations with our personal limitations and perceived flaws.

Cultivating inner peace truly ripples across time and space and effects others in our vicinity.  From there, hope is possible in creating a more peaceful world.  May Day is a celebration of spring, but perhaps the words also stand for ‘Mayday!’.  It’s time to respond to the call for help.  Work on healing the inner war so that outer violence can truly be transformed.

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Spiritual insurance to enhance health

This weekend I had the opportunity to receive a Tibetan Buddhist healing session called Chöd.  It’s an ancient practice performed by monks and students to remove spiritual obstacles and negative influences in the body and mind.  It also helps to release past karmic patterns.

I found the ceremony quite beautiful and noticed a lightness of my being as well as a shift in perspective of what truly honors and supports my life and work in the world.

The Tibetan Healing Chö School offers what I would consider ‘spiritual insurance’ for those who are interested in receiving these benefits.  Here are the details:


We can now participate in this unique opportunity, not available anywhere else in the world. By creating and submitting an Identity Packet (described below), your energy signature will be placed on the shrine at the Sangey Teng Monastery in Bhutan, to participate in all Chöd and other healing rituals. Last year, over 80 people participated in the program and have experienced a wide variety of positive and lasting effects in their lives.

  1. Healing Chöd meditation rituals are done 1 to 3 times per week, as well as one full day ritual per month.
  2. This means a minium of 60 healing rituals per year (but as many as 150!).
  3. It also means inclusion in annual 10-day Drupchen of Shinjé, Vajrakilaya, Troma or Hayagriva (this depends on the decision of Tsewong Rinpoche).
  4. There is also inclusion in all other daily Sang rituals, Protector practices and so on!
  5. In order to participate, follow the following guidelines and submit the following.
  6. Requested donation for this precious, ongoing healing is $200 for a  full year of Tibetan Healing Chod and associated rituals ($4 per week!).
  7. These funds are for the support of the Lamas, monks and three-year retreatants in this very remote, small monastery, founded by Sangye Lingpa in the 16th century.

How to create an Identity Packet for Tibetan Healing Chod:

  • Use a recent photo, approximately 4 x 6 inches (on photo paper is best).
  • On the reverse, put your birth name and birth date.
  • On the reverse tape a SINGLE STRAND of HAIR.
  • Also tape a SMALL square of clothing (1 or 2″ square).. Could be a label.
  • This must be from some unwashed piece of clothing you have worn.
  • Send to us, along with your address and email.
  • Enclose a  check for the annual fee, payable to TIBETAN HEALING CHOD.


  • Payment can also be made via Paypal ($206.00)
  • For second year participants, the cost is reduced to only $125 for the full year of healing!

We will be bringing all new Identity Packets to Bhutan in JULY, 2012 and after that, not again for about 6 months.

For details and information visit the school’s website here.

Photo and copy credit.

Monk photo

Happy Earth Day!

“The ultimate test of man’s conscience may be his willingness to sacrifice something today for future generations whose words of thanks will not be heard.” Gaylord Nelson founder of Earth Day

In honor of our beautiful planet, take time today to embrace all things environmental, natural and inspiring!

Here are some links to get you going:

Earth Day TV

Earth Day Events

Your country’s footprint on the Earth

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I learned Reiki, now what?

After teaching a full weekend of Reiki classes I often wonder if students are pondering this question.  I advise to continue daily self-Practice and attend local Reiki circles to keep ‘in the flow’ of the energy, but I often feel they want something more.

That’s my challenge as an instructor, because the ‘more’ is really in the practice.  And practice seems so mundane and regular…and yet, yes, it is, but that’s really what allows students to progress further on the path.

Additional events, like Reiki Soundscape, where musicians play to a Reiki circle are fun excursions, and further opportunities to meet community.

Offering mini sessions to co-workers, family members and friends also can assist in re-creating the experiences that occurred in the training workshop.

Ideally, I’d like to see the tradition of ‘Reiki Dojo’ or practice hall set up, just as there are yoga studios to go to.  But until that happens (such endeavors are small business risks, of course), students can start where they are.

Tuning in to the weekly Distant Reiki Group is one alternative.  Or, they can create a space in their room or home where they devote daily attention to exploring what healing energy can do.

Then, beyond the home, out in the world, nature provides further connection in the offering of Reiki to trees, lakes, rivers, wildlife, etc.

If that’s not available, find your local dog park, zoo, animal shelter, botanical garden.  Any and every living thing will respond to the healing power of Reiki intention.

You don’t have to always do hands-on Reiki, you can offer from afar with the projection of your own mind/third eye or hands held up in offering.

Taking related courses in chakras, meridians and meditation also can assist grasping the power of this technique.

And above all, be patient.  Learning Reiki is a process.  You don’t ‘get’ the whole system in one day or one week.  It takes time, integration, and yes, that wonderful word, practice.

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Making Space for Great Inner Transformation

The body responds to change by bracing itself. Oh no, what’s coming, how will I have to react? Its tendency is to shut down when colliding, and its an appropriate biological response-protection of the Self. But what if instead we opened up to the change?

Opened our very beingness to it. Made space for the change, let down the guard. How would we experience it then? The edges wouldn’t seem as starkly contrasting. The edges would be blurred, so the point where we ended and the change began would be smoother. Transition and transformation would be smoother.

Opening and making space for change has to start at this level-first in the self. Then if enough people are open to experiencing change this way they create a unified field. This, by laws of resonance and entrainment stimulate others to adapt and adjust to change in the same manner.

You have to feel safe within yourself to be so open. You have to trust, in some-thing greater than you, having faith that you aren’t just blindly walking forward, being vulnerable. You give yourself permission to be in a state of not knowing.

Here’s what I wrote making space in my body and my world after meeting a friend who knew me several years ago before I went through the dramatic changes that occurred in my life to bring me to this point in my own inner transformation:

Recovery by Eileen Dey

I’m left standing looking at the shell I once thought I was

I poke around at the ashes of the skin once so familiar and comforting.

Now I’m naked and bare.

Raw. Vulnerable but strong.

I am aware I have been burned.

Beware of fire you once said.

I threw caution to the wind and plunged deep,

after the essence of the white flame.

My nerves now vibrate with jarring frequency,

aware of the price fire bathing brings upon the self.

Doses and doses of fire.

To feel, to remember, what you always were.

Acknowledge this. Feel it at your core.

Your new birth is the Phoenix birth-from the flames.

Her wings spread out wide so that her reach is far greater than ever before.

You are transformed through letting go,

through surrendering,

gaining perspective and wisdom in what is no more

and what is now coming to be.

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