Reiki to clear the smoke and haze

nasa-b-c-firesEvery client without exception I have been seeing this week has had some respiratory effect from the smoke in the air from the wildfires.  Most have developed a cough, runny nose/eyes and fatigue.

One client who had still been recovering from a month-long hospital stay for complications with congestive heart failure came in for her counseling session with me, but could barely talk because of being so incapacitated by the smoke. We did Reiki instead and within the hour, the congestion in her lungs had cleared enough that she could talk again and was able to have more depth of breath.

I’ve seen Reiki clear congestion, aches and pains before, but never like this, so very dramatic and effective.

I am curious to see what effects the Reiki will have on recipients at our Reiki circle later this evening.

Like many in the Northwest during this week, I’ve been staying indoors, air purifiers on and windows closed.  I have minor symptoms, but am in good health and I count my blessings for that.

Climate change is being effected.  I think of the all the individuals to the north of me in British in much closer proximity to all the wildfires.  On the other side of the sea, the residents and visitors on Hawaii, dealing with the onslaught of a category 5 hurricane.  We will include them in our circle tonight and offer Reiki for the highest and best good.

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Nurturing the flower of our precious health

When our health comes apart we realize how precious it actually is.  I recently learned of a dear friend who suffered a heart attack.   How could that happen?  He is only a little older than me?  I’ve known him and his wife for over 20 years and just saw him last year.   Luckily we have amazing advances in medicine to help and my friend is so far, doing ok, suffering as much from the shock of it as the actual physical experience.

But it’s another experience on the spiral of life that reminds me on how important it is to continue to nurture the flower of our precious health.  We get it drilled into our heads by the media about lifestyle choices and diet, taking time out, etc.  We live in a society where our medical system is one of the advanced in the world.  And yet, with all of that, we are still very much human.  We have finite capabilities.  We are mortal.

So then I begin to think about how much each moment is incredibly precious.  The decisions we decide to make.  What is really important?  What friendships and what relationships we want and need in our lives. Our we living our heart’s desire?

It’s too easy in our culture to get lulled into a sense of immortality.  We can convince ourselves, ‘Oh, there will be time for me to do that’, or, ‘I’ll get around to it’.  And it might be true, our iphones will probably outlast our physical bodies, but their batteries will not.

How can we nurture our own batteries?  I’m reminded of how Reiki as a practice has helped my own spirit over the years.  It has taught me about loving myself as much as loving others.  Giving myself permission to receive each moment as well as being present as a compassionate witness for others.

With this news of my friend, I send Reiki both to him and his wife as well as have a deeper appreciation for this breath, and the next one.  I know they both will be going through a lot in nurturing back to health.

But I am reminded of the same Latin root for the word ‘healing’.  That is ‘Whole’.  So as we heal, we become whole.  We return to a greater state of awareness.  I support them in light for this daunting and yet transformational process.

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