Connecting to the Integrated Self

Excerpt from my own personal story of cultivating an embodied life:

The practitioner begins the Insight Reiki process with curious inquiry. The first observation in beginning the practice is in attention.  What is occurring right now.  What’s the state of mind like?  What’s the physical body doing?  Is there a sense of urgency, lethargy, or something in-between?  The practitioner is encouraged to be specific with a word to define the qualities, sensations, thoughts, or perceptions that they feel as they continue through the Insight Reiki practice (Dey, 2010).

Spurred on by such a profound yet simple practice, Insight Reiki became a daily regimen for me.  As I experimented on myself with various phrases and techniques I began to create a system of healing that I felt comfortable sharing with my advanced Reiki colleagues.  As they learned the process and incorporated the technique in their own practice and with each other, they provided me with feedback that then went into the further development of the method itself.

Eventually, with several hundreds of hours of practice, I felt confident enough to teach Insight Reiki to trademark the technique and teach it to other students.

Johnson (2013) discussed how master teachers during Feldenkrais training used specific language during the bodywork session to assist the recipient in reconnecting body, mind, and spirit into an integrated self.  Instead of using the command ‘move your hand’, the master teachers would state ‘move the hand’.  In doing so, it changed the focus of the direction from passive to an engaged and active process.

That active process is empowering.  It permits a recipient to transcend the limitations of their own ego-based self.  It allows a greater spectrum of movement to occur instead of habitual or patterned responses based upon the ego.

In my own self-Insight Reiki practice, I offer my mind the instruction, ‘let the intuitive mind yield to the analytical mind’ and I breathe that statement into my being like the prayer on the flag wafting in the wind..  In doing so, that command taps into the greater sense of my beingness that exists beyond my ego, persona, or presentation of self.   As Levin (1984) stated, “When our breathing breathes away egos’ boundaries, counterpoise prevails and the will is neutralized” (p.144).


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