The Future of Reiki Practice

IMG_20191020_141902637As we all move forward through this pandemic, I wanted to ask this group for their thoughts, ideas and decisions they may be making in how they will be practicing Reiki in-person if you choose to do so.

Below is a compilation of resources I created for my own practitioners enrolled in The Reiki Training Program.

Those of us who practice can attest to Reiki’s benefits in reducing stress and promoting healing, necessary in any time of crisis. This recent article in The Atlantic also reinforces the popularity of Reiki in traditional healthcare.

Any profession or vocation that interacts directly with people incurs a risk. Here is information on what percentage those risks are.

In scouring allied health profession websites for guidance (as there was scant information to direct Reiki practitioners) I found these guidelines from the National Association of Social Workers (NASW):

The WA state Dept. of Health has posted these guidelines for massage practitioners. What stands out for me the most is the requirement for therapists to change their clothes between sessions. If Reiki practitioners were to adopt this guideline, perhaps we would wear scrubs?Masks for both practitioner and client are recommended as well as the sanitation and hygiene mentioned above.

What are your thoughts on having more air filtration in your practice office/room?

Here’s an article on what Chinese Medicine has found in treating COVID-19 along with the recommendation of NOT using an elevator as it is a transmitter of the virus. So if you have an elevator in your building, you and your clients should use the stairs for now (if they or you are able).

When should we begin offering sessions? When testing/contact tracing in place? I feel all practitioners should purchase liability insurance if they haven’t already. Also should we have liability waivers for our clients to sign? ‘Hold Harmless Agreement’ is the legal term, releasing us from liability should a client become ill and contract tracing links that back to your office?

Please feel free to contact on the above and together, as a Reiki community, we can create a safe and healing future for everyone. For additional training in Ethics, Guidelines and Planning Your Practice you can visit The Reiki Training Program, offering WA State Certified Practitioner and Master Programs.

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Reiki 1: Journey to the Center of Your Being on 4/14

Reiki 1 is a journey of discovery.  On April 14th from 10am-5pm at the Reiki Sanctuary, we will once again take this magnificent sojourn together.  Here is a description of what students will take away from their magical day!:

In this course you will be introduced to the following areas:
The five principles of Reiki
The story and history of Reiki
What Reiki is and how Reiki works

Reiki Training and Attunements:
Four of your energy centers or ‘chakras’ are reawakened and attuned which:
Clears a healing channel
Elevates the physical vibratory level
Enables a more intense healing energy to flow though you
Clears blocked energy and the potential for disease

The Major Chakras:
Learn what these are and where they lie
Why they are important and what they represent

Self Healing and Hand Positions To Use:
Learn how to self treat through Reiki
What hand positions to use
The traditional sequence for self-healing
The importance of daily practice and focus of self-healing

Healing Others and Hand Positions To Use:
Learn how to treat other people
The traditional sequence to use
Principles and etiquette to observe when offering sessions to others

Reiki 1 Course fee of $195 includes:
A detailed and comprehensive training manual for you to keep
Snacks and tea for workshop
Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of the course
Your Reiki lineage traced back to Dr. Usui is given
Follow-up Reiki circle and correspondence after the course to check your progress

To register please click here.

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The beginning of the cycle: Reiki 1

Today, another Reiki 1 class is being facilitated changing the lives of more people in the world.  I estimate I have taught about 150 such classes during my career as a Reiki master.  Every time it is a different and unique experience, depending upon the make-up of the students present.

Have they ever experienced energy work before?  Do they know what a chakra is?  What brings them to the class-self-healing or healing for others?

Always an interesting adventure and one that is full of discovery and insights.

As my advanced Reiki students progress on their path, they come in to such classes to co-facilitate and learn for themselves how much they have witnessed since they took that initial step.

If we have beautiful weather, we often taken our practice outdoors.  Sometimes we bring sound healing tools like didjeridoos and singing bowls into the mix for both a fun break and a way of showing how vibration does affect the energy field.

Reiki 1 I the beginning.  The awareness of what it is all about comes in the months that follow, through practice on self and others through sessions and circles.

But it is a doorway.  Once you pass through, the world never looks quite the same.

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