Seattle Brought the Party!

Over the weekend, several Reiki Fellowship members and myself attended the 35th annual NW Reiki Gathering in Breitenbush, OR.  It was the first time our group had attended.

Spread out over 4 days, over 90 participants came from around the world to connect, learn and exchange healing energy and ideas.  The founders of this gathering were from the Reiki Alliance, an organization set up by the Reiki grandmaster Hawayo Takata ( who was trained in the lineage of Reiki system founder Sensei Usui).

This traditional aspect of the Reiki Alliance permeated the gathering.  Timed hand placements,  Reiki performed in silence, emphasis on the Reiki precepts, and much acknowledgement to the past lineage bearers consumed the program.

Our Reiki Fellowship is a hybrid of Reiki Alliance principles and non-traditional techniques.  We were welcomed to the gathering, but felt cautious and discerning eyes watching us for the first days we were there.

lovelyI am grateful to our community, because were were a source of support during the early days of acclimating to an organization that was in the middle of changing (the recent leader had passed away and a new representative had just been elected).

The speakers chosen for this gathering, 3 men, actually were a hybrid of old and new school Reiki in their beliefs. Because this panel was male dominated, it was off-putting to many of the women and representatives of the LGBTQ community present.

But I suppose, all the different challenges that occupied this gathering, also permitted stronger bonds amongst community members to occur.

Our group met and exchanged information with almost everyone who had attended.  They now know about the only licensed vocational school of Reiki in the PNW, The Reiki Training Program and our work with hospice and veterans.

beautygalsOne of the highlights for me was on the last night of the gathering.  They held an 80’s themed dance party (and you know I love the 80’s!).  All our our group was out on the dance floor, being silly, having fun, dancing with one of the speakers and making a lot of people put aside beliefs for a moment and just bond through the medium of dance.

One of the participants came up to us afterward and said ‘Seattle brought the party!’.

Bringing joy and light has been our way each time the Reiki Fellowship has gathered.  It appears we have accomplished that mission!

We’ll continue on with our work in the world in Puget Sound, where our home base and community is.  Next year, we all agreed to resume our regularly scheduled summer retreat.  Stay tuned for details and in the meantime….

Always walk in your own integrity, your light will shine forth evermore!

Copyright Eileen Dey Wurst 2019

5 Radiant Jewels for Radical Transformation: A workshop on the Reiki Precepts

The 5 Reiki Precepts or Principles are guidelines for the Reiki practitioner to expand, enliven and enrich themselves as they continue along the Reiki path. In this workshop we will learn theoretical and tangible approaches for working with them in everyday life.  Create a Healing Mandala as your own sacred tool for inner transformation.

Though different versions of the precepts have been published, their core meaning remains the same. On July 21st Reiki masters Eileen Dey, M.A., LMCH and Jon Anastasio, Ed.d. will present this full day workshop in Seattle.

Learn how to change what has gotten stuck in your life by taking this day to explore the principles:

Just for Today, Do Not Be Angry

How are we limited by our emotions?  Apply techniques to gain perspective and clarity in even the most difficult situations.

Just for Today, Do Not Worry

How can we move beyond our perceived limitations and overcome obstacles with ease and grace, moving from fear to love?  Learn the way of the gentle samurai for cutting through delusions and seeing with crystal clarity.

Just for Today, Be Grateful for Your Many Blessings

How can we see what is truly wonderful when there is so much discord and angst around?  Expand your vision of reality to connect to a sense of instantaneous pure oneness.

Just for Today, Do Your Work With Integrity

How can we move into doing work that honors and supports us?  Cultivate your own career vision that transcends what you may have thought possible.

Just for Today, Honor Every Living Thing

How can we nurture a place for presence?  Through exercise and exploration we emerge with tools to be a compassionate and realized witness for others transformation.

For details visit:

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