Reiki and the Notochord

Here is an excerpt from my Somatic Psychology class exploring the spinal developmental structure known as the notochord.

Even though the sensation of the spinal pattern is subtle and invisible, in my experience, the energy that goes through moves at the speed of light. Since I have channeled Reiki energy through this structure for a long time, I am familiar with and comfortable exploring this movement.  I have often connected to this inner channel through the passing of what is called “attunement”, which is equivalent to the giving of a blessing, that is offered to each student in a Reiki class.  The attunement permits a student to access their own inner spinal channel. Following Ayurvedic practice, I have referred to this area as the Sushumna channel; nonetheless, I view it as being identical to what is also called the notochord.

When I align with my notochord, I gain a deep sense of embodiment. Because of this dropping in, I can merge my mind and body and tap into the boundless well of cosmic consciousness. When I tune into this primary conduit, I am able to let go of any vestiges of dualism and instead experience a profound sense of the unity that underlies my entire existence. Conversely, when I focus on the activity in my stomach and brain tubes, I experience them as more material homes for the systems that maintain my physical integrity. I perceive those tubes as very defined in form.  The notochord, however, feels to me ethereal and energetic.  It appears to be able to communicate information, sensation, and feeling in much the same manner as a fiber optic thread can carry light. It’s a repository of potential for my transpersonal self. 

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