Releasing Ritual for 2017


To transform old energy, I am writing down on slips of paper the things that were obstacles, challenges, frustrations and disappointments.  They go into the pile to be burned.  I’m not saying that I didn’t learn from those things, and will continue to learn from them, but they didn’t necessarily help the forward motion of light and love in the world.  So they are to get turned into something new that can be beneficial to the planet at this time.

For instance, I have had to deal with various mean-spirited and self-centered people this year who take no responsibility for lashing out and dumping their anger onto me.  Being the sensitive individual that I am, I can’t help but be effected.

I have spent my whole adult life as a counselor and Reiki practitioner cultivating compassion and being considerate, to the best of my ability.  However, when someone has been verbally abusive or expressing repulsive statements to me, that is not my responsibility to own.  I define my boundaries and witness their bad behavior from my own perspective.  This is my world, this is theirs.  I am sorry they have not had the opportunity, willingness or otherwise to see things in a different light, but I am not responsible for their bad behavior.

The following is a guideline for how I begin to transform the accumulated energetic debris through the release ritual:

1.  On one slip of paper I write what needs to be released from my energy field.  In this instance: ‘ Bad Behavior of Mean-Spirited Person/People’.

2. Then I say out loud: “I burn away your attempt to harm me and in it’s place I receive the Universal love and light and support that is Reiki”.  I burn the slip of paper.

3.  Finally, I say:  “Reiki has no judgement, it only honors and respects the practitioner and receiver.  I allow myself to receive that love and light. It is non-judgemental and only seeks to raise my vibration.  It does not take away from me but adds to my being.  In that I have the opportunity to move toward wholeness.  I promote my own self-healing.  I turn away from your direct attack and step aside into the flow.  In the flow is peace, truth, my essence.  These are eternal and nothing you can do or say can effect that integrity.  This is my power.  You cannot effect my essence.  I am a Divine Being of Light on this Planet and with that knowing of my own personal truth, you cannot prevent me from shining that into the world.  My choice is compassion and benevolence.  I bestow peace and love.  I bestow peace and love.  I am sorry you cannot see or honor that, but I walk the path released in that Truth.”

For each obstacle, disappointment or frustration that is still within my energy field (it’s an extensive inventory for the year, believe me!), I tailor steps 1-3 accordingly.

But as I’m doing the inventory, I might find that there were some of those things that were helpful after all, so they might just need further integration.  And of course, in doing the inventory, there are many things that contributed to light, love and abundance.

I write all these things, the things that still need integration or the things that were very positive on slips of paper and put them in a ‘Blessing Bowl’.  It’s a bowl I have made in mt pottery studio.  In the next year I will be creating bowls for purchase through my pottery studio.

Those statements in the Blessing Bowl receive the Divine Light of Reiko for the new year ahead and for greater transformation and evolution.

Copyright 2016 Eileen Dey Wurst


Making Space for Great Inner Transformation

The body responds to change by bracing itself. Oh no, what’s coming, how will I have to react? Its tendency is to shut down when colliding, and its an appropriate biological response-protection of the Self. But what if instead we opened up to the change?

Opened our very beingness to it. Made space for the change, let down the guard. How would we experience it then? The edges wouldn’t seem as starkly contrasting. The edges would be blurred, so the point where we ended and the change began would be smoother. Transition and transformation would be smoother.

Opening and making space for change has to start at this level-first in the self. Then if enough people are open to experiencing change this way they create a unified field. This, by laws of resonance and entrainment stimulate others to adapt and adjust to change in the same manner.

You have to feel safe within yourself to be so open. You have to trust, in some-thing greater than you, having faith that you aren’t just blindly walking forward, being vulnerable. You give yourself permission to be in a state of not knowing.

Here’s what I wrote making space in my body and my world after meeting a friend who knew me several years ago before I went through the dramatic changes that occurred in my life to bring me to this point in my own inner transformation:

Recovery by Eileen Dey

I’m left standing looking at the shell I once thought I was

I poke around at the ashes of the skin once so familiar and comforting.

Now I’m naked and bare.

Raw. Vulnerable but strong.

I am aware I have been burned.

Beware of fire you once said.

I threw caution to the wind and plunged deep,

after the essence of the white flame.

My nerves now vibrate with jarring frequency,

aware of the price fire bathing brings upon the self.

Doses and doses of fire.

To feel, to remember, what you always were.

Acknowledge this. Feel it at your core.

Your new birth is the Phoenix birth-from the flames.

Her wings spread out wide so that her reach is far greater than ever before.

You are transformed through letting go,

through surrendering,

gaining perspective and wisdom in what is no more

and what is now coming to be.

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Distant Healing Targets for 1/12/2012

Seems like 2012 is getting underway at a pretty rapid pace. By that, I mean existing structures seem to be re-defining themselves. So, I’d like to see if we could help even out some of the transition that often feels tumultuous with sends to the following tomorrow, 1/12/2012 from 8am-9am PST:

30 minutes to sending light to all the changes occurring that are shifting structures at the environmental, political and your own familial or personal level (so about 10 minutes each).

15 minutes to sending light to your local community and issues effecting it.

15 minutes to yourself, your family, friends or loved ones who are needing extra support.

Let’s see what happens!

peace and light


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