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s-l300Since last week, my daily habits have changed significantly, including looking at the statistics of newly infected COVID-19 cases in Washington state.

Each morning, with my coffee in hand, I read the daily counts of infected and other news updates on what other part of the infrastructure has been effected.

Increased testing of the population in Seattle has begun.  UW School of Medicine has established a drive-through testing center in their parking garage on campus.  The governor has said that the university has used genetic modeling to show the likelihood at least 1000 cases in the state.

This isn’t just limited to long-term care facilities.  As the numbers come in, we are headed into serious measures that will impact our city and state.

Enjoy the freedoms you have now, they will change significantly with the infected case numbers being confirmed.  And..they will be coming in this week.

I am copying this news update by Daniel Bookman from this evening’s Seattle Times for you to read.  Specifically open the chart (‘shared’ link highlighted in red).  Italy has just done the 5th level of action in closing their country.

Seattle area official outlines potential next steps in coronavirus response

Seattle area public-health officials are “at the ready” to start ordering involuntary isolation and quarantines and are considering cancellation of major public events, with information coming soon, a top official said Monday.

Patty Hayes, director of Public Health — Seattle & King County, outlined potential next steps in the area’s effort to slow the spread of the virus at a Seattle City Council meeting and said officials are talking about what to do.

Hayes shared a Washington State Department of Health chart that listed five levels of actions that officials could take. Gov. Jay Inslee hinted at the ongoing discussions Sunday on the CBS show “Face the Nation,” saying the state’s response could involve “reducing the number of social activities that are going on.”

Although King County’s first confirmed COVID-19 case was announced less than two weeks ago, the area’s response already has ratcheted through Level 1 and Level 2.

Read the full story here.

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Letting ambition drive the mission, vrooommm!

I feel honored to live in a country where having ambition is celebrated.  Having that drive, however, also requires vision.  In Reiki terms, we’d call that having an ‘intention’.  My mission has always been to ‘Touch the World Through Reiki’ and with that, inspire others to continue that chain of light.

I work with communities of people to help them come together to achieve this mission.  Yes, it can be done one-on-one, but it’s a slower process, like filling a well with water drop by drop rather than pouring bucketfuls in.  Both will work, one will just take a bit longer.

I recently had the honor of meeting distinguished Reiki colleagues over dinner and finding out more of the type of work they are doing in hospital settings and with their own teachings.

One of my former students, Ken Martay, is an anesthesiologist for the University of Washington and through his own drive he has mobilized a task force on staff to provide Reiki sessions to patients and family who are in need of treatments.  I spoke with one of  the nurses on his team and asked if the majority of the clients they saw were in oncology, because dealing with cancer seemed like a ‘logical’ place where Reiki might get requested.

She said suprisingly, no, their patients come from rehab, med-surg and the transplant centers in the hospital.  In her view, it seemed that people who were ‘fighting’ and ‘wrapped up in the disease processes’ didn’t request Reiki.  Those that were now adjusting to their new reality:  post-surgery, rehab and after receiving a new organ, were the people who were ready to work with the healing energy.  She felt that ‘Reiki had better things to do than get in the middle of that internal fight’.  Interesting.

Ken’s program has been going on for almost six years now.  My hope has always been for other medical facilities to see it as a model, which Ken has told me some have.

After this meeting, I started to get a vision for rallying Reiki practitioners together, like a Million Man March for Reiki to increase awareness of what it is and to come together in person to provide healing to each other and to the world.  That drive feels strong.  But like all the projects I’ve done in the world, I give it space before I commit with an intention.  Let me see what the Universe has to say about undertaking such a mission.  How will I know?  Usually things have a way of happening synchronistically if it is to be a ‘go’.  And if nothing happens, then, so be it.  Ambition is energy.  It just gets transformed into something else!

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