The Extraterrestrial Reiki Connection

Did the system of Reiki come from outer space?  There is some evidence that points to a galactic connection of this healing energy.

For one, the founder, Mikao Usui had his enlightenment or attunement experience during his meditation on Mount Kurama in Kyoto, Japan, he tapped into the energy of a powerful extraterrestrial spirit, Sonten, that resides over the mountain.  This spirit is said to have come from the planet Venus 6 million years ago.

Some years ago I had the opportunity to visit Mt. Kurama and walk the grounds.  There is an unusual sculpture to Sonten amidst the Japanese style temples consisting of a silver mountain with three rings that represents power, love and light.  What’s so curious about this sculpture is that it looks very ‘New Age’, and Japan, especially the Kyoto area, which is quite traditional in all it’s architecture. This sculpture seems out of place.

Delving further into what Sonten does, the literature suggests these facts:

“We trust in Sonten for all things.” Sonten is the creator of the universe, and cultivates the development of everything all over the earth. He rests deep in our individual minds, and causes the “great Self” or “Atman” to wake up within our hearts. He gives us new power and glorious light.”  Source

I’m suggesting that the spirit of Reiki is allied with the spirit of Sonten and the wisdom that is gained through Reiki practice is connected to this extraterrestrial source.

In the Reiki system, we work with symbols that serve as representations of what the power of Reiki can do.  These symbols very much ‘wake us up’ to our potential, as is stated to what the energy of Sonten does.

The symbols contain much wisdom beyond their names and representations.  They are tools that go beyond time and space to work with energy.

Because they come through a student’s ‘mindstream’, they are closely linked to the Tibetan Buddhist concept of ‘terma’ or hidden treasure.  These treasures get activated as a student progresses on the path, and perhaps, the technology that is used in making this occur has evolved from the original cosmic visitation.

But this is just my theory.  And I am a big sci-fi fan, so my imagination can get the best of me.  It’s just curious to contemplate when you start to connect some facts with the practice of what you do, in this case, Reiki.

Regardless of it’s origins, I know it does no harm, works for the highest good and is an incredible system for personal and global transformation.

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